Netflix 'Until Life Do Us Part': How living in a joint family affects 3 generations

Netflix 'Until Life Do Us Part': How living in a joint family affects 3 generations
Teresa Tavares as Natalia from 'Until Life Do Us Part' (Instagram)

There's nothing like sharing the roof with your loved ones. The more the merrier, as the saying goes. But does this setting also come with its fair share of disadvantages? Netflix's upcoming series 'Until Life Do Us Part' portrays the pros and cons of living life with a big family of three generations.

It's understood that the matter of privacy is probably out of the window when it comes to seeing the same faces on a daily basis, that too, in a joint family. Living in a packed house can tend to get frustrating from time to time. In today's day and age, the younger generation seems to even get claustrophobic if they don't have their own space or freedom. Stay tuned to know more about Netflix's latest Portuguese release.


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A huge house to cater to a big family does sound inviting and the setup indeed has its pros and cons. For starters, the living situation is technically one massive sleepver with your family for life! In addition, you won't have to worry about what to cook on an hourly basis. A joint family usually has a cooking expert and as per ethics, everyone in the house does their part to contribute to meals. Doesn't that sound like a delight?

In addition, nobody wants the added tension of deep cleaning on a second day basis. When it comes to a joint family, chores are shared so the load is less on everyone. It's also a very homely feeling, and your best friends will always be your family. Since the elderly are the repository of knowledge and wisdom, the insight gained is something that won't easily be found in self-help books either. Grandparents have years of experience, judgment, and knowledge that will indeed help in transforming one's life.

Another thing to be thankful for is the burden of financial stress, and this aspect is more than self-explanatory. Since everyone (especially the elders) pool in money, it'll be an additional savings plan for the youngsters.

What will a day look for 3 generations in one big house? Stay tuned to find out!

'Until Life Do Us Part' releases on February 10 on Netflix.

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