'Undercover Boss' Season 11: What happened to Rita's Italian Ice employees whom Linda met?

'Undercover Boss' Season 11: What happened to Rita's Italian Ice employees whom Linda met?
A still from 'Undercover Boss' Season 11 (CBS)

The ongoing season of ‘Undercover Boss’ has been one of the finest so far and the stories we heard on the show have been really inspiring. The first episode saw the co-founders of College Hunks trying to make things better for the hard-working employees while Andrew Simon, CEO of The Fremont Street Experience, also did everything to get to the root cause of the problems.

During the third episode, the CEO of The Vitamin Shoppe, Sharon M. Leite, rewarded her employees for their inspiring work. Now, it was time for Linda Chadwick, CEO and President of Rita’s Ice and Frozen Custard, to know what are the problems being faced by the franchise owners and how the business is being run.


'Undercover Boss' Season 11: Did Linda break cover and shut down Rita's Ice franchise?


Who is Sharon M Leite? CEO of The Vitamin Shoppe goes incognito on 'Undercover Boss'

Going undercover as Marcy Morgan, she first met Hezrrano and got to know how he sells the items in containers that are really old. He has to sell the items in two hours or it would stop melting. Luckily, they get sold out much before that. She also faced a lot of problems at the cash register system and felt something newer was needed. After that, she went to Stefani, a franchise owner in Holland, Michigan, who was running the franchise on her terms and was not following the company’s guidelines. Also, the entire system was a mess, which made her frustrated. So, she broke her cover and shut down the franchise. She told Stefani that she would talk to the management and get back to her.

On the other hand, she also met Andrew, a franchise owner in Orlando, Florida and got to know various things about how a franchise is being run. So, what happened at the end? Let’s find out and see if they are still working with Rita’s Italian Ice or not.


Hezrrano’s store is UP and RUNNING

Hezrrano is a hard-working guy and was doing everything to run the franchise. But the cash registers and payment gateways were causing problems. On the other hand, the cart in which he was selling the items was old as well. So, when Linda met Hezrrano in the end, she gave him $5,000 to change the cash registers. On the other hand, she also awarded him the company’s first-ever prototype of a new cart.

During their meeting, Hezrrano told Linda that he works all week and hasn’t taken a single holiday since he opened the store. As a good gesture, Linda gave him $15,000 for a well-earned family vacation.


Hazrron on 'Undercover Boss' Season 11 (CBS)


As of now, Hezrrano is still running Rita’s Ice franchise and is making good money.

Was Stefani told to shut down completely?

Although Linda told Stefani to shut down the franchise until she makes up her mind, she didn’t disappoint her. Linda did tell her that whatever she was doing there was absolutely wrong and by taking no help from the company, she made it worse. However, she was willing to give her a second chance.

She gave her $25,000 to re-open the store and make things better. Also, she gave her personal mobile number to Stefani so that she can be in constant touch with her for matters regarding business and family. Her store in Michigan is now profitable and she has made changes inside her store as well.


President & CEO Linda L. Chadwick, Rita's Italian Ice & Frozen Custard, and Stefani (Franchise Owner) (CBS)

Andrew and Pastiche get REWARDS

Andrew, the franchise owner from Orlando, Florida, was doing the noble work of hiring people with disabilities in his store and had Pastiche working with him. Pastiche is autistic but does her work efficiently. She trained Linda on how to use a cash register and some other stuff. Meanwhile, Andrew was planning to get married to his boyfriend, Chip.

She was so inspired by the work Andrew was doing that she gave $15,000 to Andrew for his marriage and honeymoon. On the other hand, she gave Pastiche an offer to be one of the mentors for the company’s diversity and inclusion program. She was paid $15,000 for her time. On the other hand, Linda will help her in getting her illustrations published in a book.


Pastiche (Treat Team Member) and President & CEO Linda L. Chadwick, Rita's Italian Ice & Frozen Custard (CBS)

Andrew is now married to Chip and still runs the store in Florida. Meanwhile, Pastiche is finishing her illustrations for the book and still working with Andrew.


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