'Undercover Boss' Season 11: Did Linda break cover and shut down Rita's Ice franchise?

'Undercover Boss' Season 11: Did Linda break cover and shut down Rita's Ice franchise?
President & CEO Linda L. Chadwick, Rita's Italian Ice & Frozen Custard, and Stefani (Franchise Owner) (CBS)

Season 11 of ‘Undercover Boss’ has been really entertaining and enlightening at the same time. Since the first episode of the ongoing edition, we have seen a lot of CEOs or founders making their way on the show, but they have never broken their cover in the middle to address an issue.

However, tonight’s episode was a bit different. Linda Chadwick, CEO of Rita’s Italian Ice and Frozen Custard, went to some of the stores and tried knowing what kind of problems her employees are facing. On the other hand, she also wanted to know if the franchise owners are working in the right manner or not. While reaching one of the stores in Holand, Michigan, Linda felt that this is not how she intended her business to run.



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The franchise owner, Stefani, was working on her own terms and was bringing her children to the store as well. At first, Linda had no problems with it but things got worse when she got to know that Stefani was not opening the store at the standard time, there was a signboard on the pavement and also, the headphones weren’t working. Due to that, Linda, who was there as Marcy, was not able to take orders and had to go out.

Meanwhile, the kids were going back and forth which was making her a bit frustrated. Most importantly, Stefani did not call the representatives from the company to help her put on system setting as well, which was making it harder for Linda to know things. She got frustrated and broke the cover. She told Stefani that she is Linda, CEO, and President of the company, and there are a lot of things that are wrong here.


A still from 'Undercover Boss' Season 11 (CBS)

So, she told her told to close the store by the time she talks about it with the management. At the end of the episode, they met again and this time, it was a CEO talking to Stefani.

Linda offered to help her and said that she would give her $25,000 to re-open the drive-through by making changes. Also, she gave her personal phone number to Stefani and asked her to call if she needs any help with the business, family, or anything else.

Fortunately, she keeps the store with her and will be looking to expand the business.


'Undercover Boss' Season 11 returns to CBS with a new episode every Friday at 8 pm EST.

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