'Undercover Boss': How are bosses running their businesses without knowing anything about it? Fans are amused

'Undercover Boss': How are bosses running their businesses without knowing anything about it? Fans are amused

If you have ever watched CBS's 'Undercover Boss', you might know that every episode features "the boss", who is either the CEO or a top executive, who looks genuinely surprised with how things are functioning on the ground. On the show, the top executives and CEOs disguise themselves into an entry-level worker, and visit their company to understand the operations side of their business, and also interact with the employees to understand their views and experience of working with the company.

Almost every episode feature, the boss expressing surprise when they discover that things aren't running very smoothly on the ground, and certain protocols that the corporate has laid down for the business are being broken by the employees. The boss can later be heard expressing their displeasure at the situation to the camera, and deciding to look into the matter immediately and work on fixing it. 

After watching countless episodes of 'Undercover Boss' and discovering the same observations by the bosses repeatedly, fans began wondering how the bosses really had no idea about the day-to-day operations of the businesses they are running. It's not just limited to their observation of protocols being flouted, but also how these top-level CEOs clearly have no idea of how to carry out simple tasks required for successfully running their business. In an earlier episode, we saw a CEO who runs a chain of bars, struggling to mix a drink. In another episode, we saw a top-level executive who decided the menus of her bowling alley, having a hard time preparing those orders and serving them to customers. 

Many fans took to their Twitter to express their amusement at how CEOs and management are so ignorant. A fan tweeted, "Watching @undercover_cbs makes you realize how out of touch the people that run companies are. They don't know how to do the basics of the job. That's why your companies and employees suffer. #UnderCoverBoss." Another fan wrote, "Seriously! What is up with CEO’s CCO’s I have YET to see one that knows their all-around business #AyDiosMio #JefeEncubierto #UndercoverBoss." "I find it amazing how these CEO who run these multi-million dollar companies but don't know a Damn thing about the daily operation of their store's #UnderCoverBoss," commented a fan.




'Undercover Boss' Season 10 airs every Friday at 9/8c only on CBS. 

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