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'Uncharted' Ending Explained: Will El Dorado be Tom Holland's next adventure as Nathan Drake?

The mid and the post-credit scenes pretty much indicate a sequel in the works although there has been an official nod from Sony
UPDATED FEB 18, 2022
Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg in a still from 'Uncharted' (Sony Pictures)
Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg in a still from 'Uncharted' (Sony Pictures)

'Uncharted' finally hits theatres and Tom Holland as Nathan Drake takes the game ardents and first-time viewers in a high-octane treasure hunt halfway across the world. The prequel to the games also sees Mark Wahlberg’s Sully and Sophia Ali’s Chloe Frazer in the mix although they do play out differently than in the games. Director Ruben Fleischer does a neat job of putting in some Indiana Jones and some Pirates of the Carribbear references in the film, while also fleshing out the leads well. 

The mid and the post credit scenes pretty much indicate a sequel in the works although there has been officialy nod from Sony. Coming back to the film, the mission is to find Magellan's treasure that largely depends on the two keys — one in possession of Chloe (Ali) and one in an auction that Nate and Sully steal from and team up with the woman only to be double-crossed by her after it is revealed that she was working for Moncada.


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Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg in a still from 'Uncharted' (Sony)

There's more of Sam after he was seen disappearing in the first few minutes of the movie. Sully tells Nate that Sam's communication with his younger brother via his letters had some clue about the treasure. He also tells the story of how Sam was shot by Braddock (Tati Gabrielle), though the mid-credits do show he is alive and kicking. Long story short, Nate and Sully team up and try to steal the map from Moncada's plane and they escape. Sully is separated from Nate, but he is found and rescued by Chloe and they decide to work on the treasure together.

Knowing that Chloe may cheat him again, Nate gives her the wrong coordinates and heads the other way. He finds the Magellan's ships and the treasure with Sully on his trail. They also face-off against Braddock and after a lengthy skirmish manage to get away. Braddock is shown to be killed after a ship falls on her.

'Uncharted' Ending Explained:

Will Chloe return? 

Last seen, Chloe manages to find the right coordinates, but Nate and Sully make their escape by then waving goodbye to Chloe. With a sequel in the works, her return is guaranteed as the franchise will look to build on the key characters. Whether it will be a sour relationship or an actual team-up remains to be seen.

Was that Sam Drake in the mid-credits?

Looks so. The mid-credits show a figure writing a postcard to Nate from prison. This could be borrowed from the fourth game, 'A Thief's End' that shows Sam spending some years in a Panama prison. There is a possibility that Nathan may reunite with Sam in the sequel.

Will the sequel be based on 'Drake's Fortune'?

The second credits scene is a lot stronger and ties to what could be the storyline of the sequel. Nathan is seen talking to a man associated with Gabriel Roman who is a character from 'Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune'. The two make a trade-off where Roman gives a map to Nate in exchange for the family ring. The heirloom is identified as the ring of his ancestor Sir Francis Drake, who Sam mentions in the movie. The post-credits scene reveals that tit contains coordinates to El Dorado. Sully then barges in on the trade and flees with Nate setting up the sequel.

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