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Video of Ukrainian rescue workers saving a cat in Kharkiv melts Internet hearts

The cat was trapped in the debris of a destroyed building in Kharkiv
UPDATED MAR 18, 2022
The feline was saved from the rubble of a collapsed building in Ukraine (State Emergency Service of Ukraine/Facebook)
The feline was saved from the rubble of a collapsed building in Ukraine (State Emergency Service of Ukraine/Facebook)

As the Ukraine-Russia war continues, a footage shared on social media by the State Emergency Service (SES) of Ukraine on Wednesday, March 16 shows Ukrainian first responders rescuing a cat trapped in the debris of a destroyed building in Kharkiv. The heartwarming video shows Ukrainian's attachment to their pets as the war-torn country continues to fight the Russian invasion. 

Sharing the footage on Facebook, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine wrote, "What distinguishes us, Ukrainians — a bright and good nation — from the 'Russian measure' that cynically destroys our cities and kills our people?." The State Emergency Service continued, "Yes, everything. Absolutely everything distinguishes us. They [Russians] do not regret sending their soldiers as meat to a certain terrible death. And our guys even feel sorry for the cat that was hurt by the wreckage of a building, which still needs to be dug up. Under fire."


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The State Emergency Service further wrote: "Fearless warriors of light with a good soul, this cat lost its owners and one of nine lives during another vile rocket attack on Kharkiv. Our guys did not leave it. The cat was taken away and given to a caring woman who promised to take care of him." The SES concluded the post by writing, "This is one little story of a great Ukraine. Our story." 

Many social media users flooded the comments section of the clip with praises for the Ukrainian rescue workers who saved the kitten. One wrote, "Thank you guys for humanity! May God keep you safe." Another wrote, "Thank you so much for saving lives! Take care of yourselves for us! Glory to Ukraine!". A third added, "You guys are simply amazing! Thank you for the rescue!'. A fourth commented, "With tears in my eyes ! Thank you! Low bow to you for your kindness and work! God bless you all!!!." 

A fifth wrote, "Truly the Warriors of Light. Thank you." A sixth added, "Brought me to tears .... YOU ARE THE BEST." A seventh wrote, "Our rescuers are angels on earth! May God give you strength!!." Another remarked, "The real people. A huge thank you for your priceless work saving lives." A ninth quipped, "God bless and protect all fire fighters. This is the noblest profession." A tenth wrote, "That's where the power is ! In the humanity !!!."

Meanwhile, one twitter user wrote, "#Ukrainian Emergency Services members risking their lives to rescue a cat from the rubble created by #Russian shelling. You can't fight against people who won't even leave a CAT behind. Putin is over here leaving THOUSANDS of his own men dead and dying in the streets. Madness." A second user wrote, "Do you see how beautiful the @Ukrainian people are??!!! That they would dig and rescue a crying #cat to save him after that murderous #Putin #PutinWarCriminal bombed #karkhiv and killed his people family?!! The cat has been taken in by a woman for keeping." 



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