'Houses with History' Full Cast List: Meet Mike Lemieux and others from HGTV series

The cast looks impressive and promising with Jen MacDonald, Rich Soares, and Mike Lemieux

                            'Houses with History' Full Cast List: Meet Mike Lemieux and others from HGTV series
Cast of 'Houses with History' (HGTV)

'Houses with History' is a new home renovation show on HGTV. In the show, we see passionate preservationists Mike Lemieux, Rich Soares, and designer Jen MacDonald meticulously restoring vintage historic homes in and around Plymouth, Massachusetts. This renovation series comes with a serious amount of information. In each episode, the history buff, carpenter, and designer work together to save century-old properties.

This series is looks at houses and barns built by early Americans and research the fascinating backstories of America’s oldest homes. What's more, they share the homes’ origins and renovation stories with us too! The show stars a trio of Massachusetts' natives that have dedicated their lives to historic real estate. The premiere episode focuses on just two historic properties; a former inn and a single-family home built in the 1700s.


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Mike Lemieux 

In an interview for local radio station, Fun107, Lemieux revealed that he met his now wife Jennifer back in highschool, on the Cape in the Massachusetts town of Sandwich. They only reunited after two decades though; with a shared passion for real estate and history. Mike is a big-time History buff and uses it to his advantage on the show!




Jennifer MacDonald 

Also called "Jen" on the show, MacDonald is the designer in the series. She has a keen eye for detail and various ideas to turn a house into a home, whilst still preserving its natural history and aura. The two got in the game with their shared interests; working on various properties, finding their niche with the area’s large amounts of ancient homes that needs lots of repairs. Their business is called Full Circle Homes.



Rich Soares 

Soares is the professional carpenter on the series; the backbone of the show, so to say. He is a hardworking and hands-on man, and instills the same ideas onto his children. He even teaches his kids skills on the job site! Soares is happily married and takes to Instagram to show us a peek into his personal life, every now and then.



According to HGTV, "Mike and Rich will explore both properties, discovering what’s hidden behind old closed doors, inside damp basements and under original plank floorboards, before deciding on one to renovate for a modern family. After the selected home is restored and renovated, special guest Jonathan Knight, star of HGTV’s Farmhouse Fixer, will walk through the finished home to see the astounding results".

Houses with History premieres on Wednesday, September 29, at 9 pm ET/PT on HGTV.

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