Brooding Tyler Baltierra questions if his 'life really even matters' in an Instagram post

Tyler Baltierra questions his life and what it is worth in the latest Instagram post after revealing he was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder.

                            Brooding Tyler Baltierra questions if his 'life really even matters' in an Instagram post
(L-R) Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra (Source: Getty images)

Teen Mom's Tyler Baltierra is not holding back in making his fans a part of his journey where he is trying to fight his inner demons. The reality star recently opened up about being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and in his latest Instagram post, Tyler puts his thoughts into words and questions if his life really matters. 

Trying to tell his fans about the feeling he goes through every day, Tyler penned down this emotions. "It's like my brain is so scattered that the moment I feel like I get what I'm after while climbing this ladder, this person in the mirror just smiles with laughter, then smacks me in the face, which starts to chase this inevitable race to feeling broken, beaten, devalued, out of place, and now I'm all off pace," he wrote.

"It just leaves me shattered and every time I think about my life, my brain becomes battered with only one question...does my life really even matter?!" he continued. As soon as Tyler posted this, his fans were quick to come to his aid with words of support. 

"Of course your life matters! You have to push threw those negative feelings. I know easier said than done. Think of your daughter smile and all the joy and love you give her," one fan wrote. While another noted, "Yes it does. You are doing an awesome job. You have been through so much and have handled it amazingly. Stay strong."

This is not the first time that Tyler has opened up about his emotions. Taking to Twitter, the reality star wrote revealed that as a kid he used to write and it happened to be something which made him feel good. Tyler confessed that after putting a stop to writing he had decided to get back at it and fill the pages with his true feelings.

"I have always loved writing & as a kid, I used to write poetry, I had pages full of it! But I gave it up when I got a little older & ended up throwing it all away. I’ve been inspired recently to pick it back up & I’m on a mission to refill my notebook!" he captioned while sharing some of the things he had written recently. 

At first, Tyler hints that everything around him makes him want to give up. 'It's okay though," he wrote. "Cause all of this weight is building muscles I never knew I had. It's making me realize that I can still find the strength as a man even without the influence of a dad." Tyler has often spoken about how his dad, Butch has struggled with substance abuse and he happened to be the one to take his dad to rehab.

However, later in his writing one can see that Tyler is ready to fight every negative thought that comes to his mind. "I will take this weight, tie it around both my wrists, drag it up this mountain and make it to the top without taking any breaks," Tyler continued. He further added that no matter what thoughts might come to his mind every now and then, he would not let them bring him down.

"I'm a force to be reckoned with, I'm spellbound in this brain of mine. So, I take all the thoughts trapped in mind and then cook them up, then brew them up, then mix it up, then boil it all back to see nothing but a steel framed trap that I created just to stay up, stand strong, and stand tall and now back!" he wrote.