Catelynn Lowell recounts suicidal thoughts at 'Teen Mom OG' reunion, as hubby Tyler Baltierra reveals his battle with bipolar disorder

In the hear-breaking account, she remembers how the only thing that stopped her from making the life-ending decision was her daughter.

                            Catelynn Lowell recounts suicidal thoughts at 'Teen Mom OG' reunion, as hubby Tyler Baltierra reveals his battle with bipolar disorder
Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra (Source: Getty Images)

Catelynn Lowell is one of the realest young women to have appeared on 'Teen Mom OG.' From her battles with addiction and depression to her suicidal thoughts, she has been very open about the struggles in her life.  

The reality star who was in rehab for depression twice – once on November 17 and again on January 17, revealed chilling details about her suicidal thoughts when she appeared on the reunion episode of 'Teen Mom OG' on Monday, April 23. She has had an emotional year with a miscarriage, and she started experiencing suicidal thoughts post the traumatic event, she revealed.  

“If I don’t go somewhere else today, I’m going to off myself and life would be 10 times better,” Radar Online quotes her as saying. “I could picture myself driving into an electrical pole off the road, praying it would kill me. But I wouldn’t do it because I had my kid in the backseat.” 

An emotional Catelynn also told host Dr. Drew Pinsky that she has stopped smoking marijuana, while her husband Tyler Baltierra revealed he still smokes, just not around her. Uncharacteristically, Tyler too, got very vulnerable about his own battle with mental health.  

During the second part of the 'Teen Mom OG' reunion, Tyler revealed that he has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Tyler, who claims to have refused to take medicine for bipolar disorder, revealed that he wants to explore all the natural options first.  

After the reunion episodes aired, the 26-year-old reality star took to Twitter to explain, "Honestly, I wasn't even planning on releasing that info. But once Cate mentioned about my recent diagnosis, I figured 'what the hell?!' Like, why am I so against telling anyone?! It's actually been a little easier to digest since I have been talking about it more. #KeepingtalkingMH." 

Tyler, like his wife, has also been open about being diagnosed with depression, having even admitted to trying to commit suicide at the age of 11. "I've been diagnosed with depression here and there, whenever I've gone back to therapy and whatnot," Tyler explained. "Recently, I went to a new place and based on a couple of sessions I had with them, they said, 'Look, based off a snapshot of your symptoms, we think you may be on the bipolar spectrum as well.'" 

We sure are glad this happy couple is sharing their stories with their fans and spreading the message about importance of mental health.