Billie Lee and Kristen Doute's twitter feud: just a fabricated fight?

Billie Lee deletes a comment from Ariana's Instagram that proves she was in fact invited to the event she claims she was left out of for being trans

                            Billie Lee and Kristen Doute's twitter feud: just a fabricated fight?
Kristen Doute (Source:Getty Images)

As ‘Vanderpump Rules’ prepares for a new season of scandal, there seems to be a lot of drama going on off-camera, as well. There’s even drama about the drama being fabricated. And, it all started with one event.

Here’s how the story goes.

The cast of the show has been going on social media about an event they're hosting at the SUR LOUNGE. On Monday, Brittany Cartwright tweeted: “We are taking GIRLS NIGHT IN out tomorrow night at SUR LOUNGE! Festive libations, good music and some awesome surprises you won’t want to miss!!! See you there at 9 pm!!! @SurRestaurant #girlsnightIN #PumpRules.” A poster of the event was also attached to the tweet. Brittany, then, tagged the photo to include Katie Maloney, Ariana Madix, Scheana Marie, Stassi Schroeder, Jax Taylor and Lisa Vanderpump. She really missed out mentioning Billie Lee or deliberately kept her off it, is not confirmed, yet

Shortly after, Billie threw shade at an anonymous person on Twitter. She wrote, "When your co-workers don't include the only trans girl in GIRLS night at your own job! On the night you work! #RudeAF #TransIsBeautiful." Katie responded to supposed allegations and tweeted: "I’m completely supportive and will always be supportive of the LGBTQ community. EVERYONE is invited and welcome tomorrow!”

Kristen Doute read the message and decided to make a remark of her own. "It's not your event," she wrote. "Don't make this about something it's not. #NoH8." To which Billie replied, "Boo you don't work there so why are you speaking? This was not a birthday at someone's house. This was an event called GIRLS night, at my job where I work and on the night I'm scheduled. It's not a matter if you like me or not! I work there."

But here’s where things get interesting, we must thank the fans for picking up on all this of course. One follower with the Twitter monicker Reality Queen replied to Billie’s original tweet, “Seems like you might have been invited.” The comment was compiled with a screenshot of Scheana’s tweet in which she is promoting the event. Scheana clearly tagged Billie in the tweet, implying that she, in fact, was invited to the event.

Another group of fans pointed out something even more suspicious. A follower with the Twitter monicker Stephanie Coiro tweeted, “But 5 hours ago Ariana said you’d be there, and you said you couldn’t wait. I’m so confused.” The snarky comment was accompanied by a screenshot of the comments section of Ariana’s Instagram post about the event. When Ariana is asked if Billie will be there, she replied, “of course.” Furthermore, Billie wrote, "So dope! Can't wait for boo," in the comments section. This definitely proves that she, in fact, was invited to the event and intended to attend it. But things don’t end here.

Stephanie Coiro points out yet another strange thing with her reply, which reads, “At this point, you’ve deleted your comment but the one asking about you being there and Arianna saying, of course, is still up. Girl we’ve got the screenshots don’t play.” The comment comes with yet another screenshot of Billie’s comment on Ariana’s Instagram post.

All the tweets and Instagram comments and lack of Instagram comments created quite a stir among fans. Several thought the whole controversy was fabricated. One tweeted, “Kinda seems like you were invited until it meant more screen time if you manufactured drama.. #receipts #PumpRules.” Some even blamed the producers of the show, commenting, “Got em. Producers creating a storyline for their new cast member...they are going to lose a fan. The comments just kept getting more humorous. One follower wrote, “I’m assuming since she is working she’s already invited...what does she want an engraved invitation?”

However, some fans did come to Billie’s rescue. One fan tweeted, “Scheana and Ariana posted AFTER several other girls posted about the event and did not include Billie. I think Scheana and Ariana always meant to include Billie but clearly, some others did not.” But other Twitter users were quick to point out that a tag honestly is irrelevant, because Billie accused people of not inviting her when in fact she was clearly invited.

The Twitter feud that was started by Billie was taken on by fans. Things truly became investigative for people were using screenshots as evidence and citing tweets and Instagram posts to make arguments. Why Billie deleted her tweet or what the actual basis of this conflict it is hard to pinpoint.