'Vanderpump Rules' star Stassi Schroeder gushes about boyfriend Beau Clark: "I feel really lucky right now"

Apart from gushing over her boyfriend, she also spoke freely about what OOTD means to her, since she has now got an official decree stating June 30 is OOTD day!

                            'Vanderpump Rules' star Stassi Schroeder gushes about boyfriend Beau Clark: "I feel really lucky right now"
Stassi Schroeder (Source:Getty Images)

Stassi Schroeder is clearly smitten with her boyfriend Beau Clark, and we're not complaining either! The 'Vanderpump Rules' star recently gave an interview to Us Weekly at the OOTD Day event in West Hollywood on Saturday, June 30, where she couldn't help but speak fondly about her 'beau' Clark. When the star was asked about her idea of living her best life, the 30-year-old revealed that such moments came “when I’m with my boyfriend or my dogs or my friends and everyone is just, you know, loving each other … I feel blessed to have a lot of really great people around me.”

Speaking about her connection with Clark, the 'Straight Up With Stassi' podcast host told the publication, “I feel really lucky right now. I haven’t had a relationship like this. I didn’t know that I could find someone that we’d just be best friends and love each other and he’d be so nice to me and supportive and the fact that this was his idea.”

The reality star also fessed up about what she and Clark, who was on-hand to celebrate the fashion event, like to do when they get a day to themselves to just relax. “[We’ll] start the day playing some video games, [play] with my dogs, brunch, day drink, then meet up with our friends, and just carry on the night.” She added that she is “way more of a homebody than most people. I feel like my favorite time is alone.”

She continued to share her excitement over meeting Clark as she gushed, 'It's like I can do no wrong in his eyes. I feel so f**king lucky.' This certainly is a step up from her disastrous four-year relationship with Patrick Meagher whom she split with in August 2017. It was particularly devastating since hours before they were set to board a plane to Mexico for a romantic vacation, they split!

A telling line from Stassi about her past relationship signaled it was as good as over. In interviews, post her split, she mentioned how Patrick was charming, wonderful, handsome and witty, "but like we will probably kill each other" is how she ended it. She has not seen Patrick since they officially split in August of last year, but she has no hard feelings anymore as she simply said, 'I wish him the best. Good luck bro.' 

But her love is not the only thing that Schroeder is excited about. She also spoke freely about what the OOTD event means to her, personally.“The whole point of the day is for everyone to wear what makes them feel best about themselves,” she told the media outlet.

“When I think about what makes me feel best about myself: number one is comfort. I don’t have to wear spanx or suck it in in this because it’s baggy. I love white, love jumpsuits, love clothes and anything ladylike. As long as I feel feminine, girly, and just classic. When I can also breathe, I am in.”

And while we are on this topic of OOTD, Stassi has even got it declared as a national holiday. People reports that Stassi said: “Honestly it was my boyfriend’s idea. I’m always taking my OOTDs and he was just like, ‘make this a national holiday'. They have like a National Holiday for Lamps, and no one thought of doing one for OOTDs?” June 30 is now a national holiday to be officially recognized, thanks to her. 

However, things were not so great with the 'Vanderpump Rules' star a few months back. Previously in April this year, Schroeder had to deal with her co-star Faith Stowers who had some pretty big claims to make against her. The entire incident came to light when Faith recalled that Jax Taylor's car had been stolen at one point and Stassi pointed fingers at Faith claiming that she has been the one to steal it. 

"I can't talk about one of them because I'm currently about to have a lawsuit with one of them…I absolutely am. Ya I have a lawyer…Not on the show; it was, it was interviews that Ms. Schroeder has been doing and she's been saying some evil, disgusting, untrue things about me that's just, like, outlandish, like I stole Jax Taylor's car," Faith said. "Are you kidding me? They, that they called the police on me…if you listen to it yourself, you would, you would maybe shake your head or giggle a little bit cause it, it sounds like, just sounds outlandish.

"Its, like, she said, um, I think she said that, uh, at the night of the, uh, Scheana's birthday party when it came out that I slept with Jax or whatever, that I stole Jax's car that night. Jax Taylor's car magically went missing and I had to be the person that stole it…she thinks that I'm a thief."

Faith then went on to claim that Stassi had stolen stuff and even accused her of drugging people. "I don't know if Stassi's been around a lot of black women in her life; I'm guessing probably not. But this lady that she said looks like me in The Daily Mail is at large and has been stealing $300,000 worth of Rolexes and drugging people in the clubs and I mean, just disgusting type stuff, and she thinks it's me, so she calls the police to let them know that they know that I'm at this club in LA and that they should come. And the police are like, 'no, we're not coming. It's not her," she said.