Slave Room controversy: TWICE fans ask JYPE to save stars from ‘American guy' or 'Psycho’ who threatened minors

Twitter users revealed screenshots of various users including minors were asked to spread misinformation by someone who goes by the nickname ‘American guy’ and known as the ‘psycho’ in online forums

                            Slave Room controversy: TWICE fans ask JYPE to save stars from ‘American guy' or 'Psycho’ who threatened minors
TWICE fans urge JYPE to protect the artists over slave room controversy (TWICE Instagram)

TWICE fans aren’t stopping until they make JYPE take measures to protect the girl groups including ITZY. In a news report, an online forum titled Slave Room has been revealed where minors were allegedly threatened and used to spread malicious news against girl groups like IZ*ONE, Twice, Itzy, Oh My Girl, and more. Minors who are studying in middle schools were victims of these malicious slave rooms where the perpetrator ‘slaved’ them and utilized the users to propagate hate.

In a shocking revelation, some Twitter users revealed screenshots of the online forums known as slave rooms where various users including minors were asked to spread misinformation by someone who goes by the nickname ‘American guy’ and known as the ‘psycho’ in online forums. Failing to do so, the 'American guy' threatened to leak the users' public info.


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TWICE fans urge JYPE to take protection measures against slave room online forum spreading misinformation (Getty Images)

What is slave room controversy?

In a series of controversial screenshots, a user shared information of a forum which posted, "The purpose is to ruin TWICE's image. They try to make jype image a corrupt company so Twice many achievements will look like a fraud. Rumors and personal info of Twice were also updated consistently." To add more details to it, the user wrote, “So this "slave room" is not even a private gc getting exposed but it is a PUBLIC fandom DC gallery of Iz** meaning everyone who visits the fan page knows that this is happening. This guy nicknamed "American guy" is popular as a psycho in all other fandom kfancafès.”



The user added, "American guy" collects people who makes bad comments but instead of reporting it to CJ mass media company aka cjenm he threatens to spread personal info online if they wont be his slave so this "slave room" is made to "punish" the bad commenters.” More horrific notes surfaced when the user shared, “The victims had commented that "* is rigged(true btw)/any hate engagements. He orders the victims to spread fake news/rumors/negative comments abt idol group/s, in this case, TWICE, itzy, OMG, etc. Look at him acting like the commander in chief and i** fans are kekeing with him.”



Users in these slave rooms were allegedly monitored 24*7. It said, “Take note that the people in multiple slave rooms was being managed & monitored 24/7 & it was revealed that some of the victims were minors!(5th graders) People who were also visiting the iz*** DC gallery knows of this as this is not on private so are they accomplices? Hell yes.” Proofs of some victims have also come online where a chat showed, “This "Letter of Apology" which came from “one of the ‘slave’ which is a 5th grader, a minor.They are forced to include their personal info (name/bday/location/phone#) so they wont try to escape the slave room.” A different screenshot of a victim says, “"Minjam" guy was part of the "slave room" who escaped but then American guy spread their  info/job even their hobbies to humiliate them. Even wrote an article bout him on kor site Yonhap news to further the personal damage & were asking other i* fans for support.”




A Korean fan who wanted to remain anonymous urged the users to spread awareness of the topic. The user stated, “This kind konce wanted to remain anonymous but they want you to know this too and other kpop stans of what is going on in fancafes. This is currently a hot talk in kforum which should also be publicized as it is CRIMINAL!
(Ps. Yes they can speak english)”


Who is this ‘American/Psycho’ guy?

Speaking of the perpetrator, the user shared, “For the non koreans who cant speak korean. Maybe you know him too as they said he is famous even among other kfandoms for being a prick. An American, a hag(40yrs estimated),wealthy(?) always posts and shows off their i*albums, merch & con tix reservations. Ring any bell?”


'Protect TWICE'

TWICE fans are taking it to the social media to urge JYPE to address this immediately. A fan said, “thousands of people systematically harassed twice over 2 years” it’s disturbing to know that for so long this has been ongoing without us even knowing. hate towards twice has been so normalized on all platforms, but i still find myself surprised every time more hate us uncovered." Another shared, "jype can address a h4nb0k plagiarism issue in less than 24 hrs but can't address the slave room that attacks and spread malicious issues against jype groups which is already happening for 2 yrs JYPE PROTECT TWICE!" A TWICE fan wrote, "Being a stalker is way different than being a fan. They have to understand that. PROTECT TWICE JYPE."




JYP Entertainment hasn't issued a statement regarding the issue yet.