'Turner & Hooch': What happened to Tom Hanks' character? Here's why he isn't on Disney+ show

Tom Hanks played the role of Scott Turner in the original movie but it doesn't look like he will be in the Disney+ series

                            'Turner & Hooch': What happened to Tom Hanks' character? Here's why he isn't on Disney+ show
Beasley the Dog as Hooch and Tom Hanks as Scott Turner Sr in 'Turner & Hooch' (Disney/Touchstone Pictures)

‘Turner & Hooch’ might not have been a blockbuster hit in 1989, but it has turned out to be a fan favorite since the late '90s. The movie, produced by Walt Disney’s Touchstone Productions, chronicles the journey of police investigator Scott Turner (Tom Hanks) who is set to transfer to a much better position in Sacramento, leaving fellow investigator David Sutton (Reginald VelJohnson) to replace him.

However, Scott's life turns upside down when his best friend Amos is murdered by an affiliate of seafood giant Walter Boyett (JC Quinn). Scott is alerted to the crime the following morning, resulting in him taking in Hooch, Amos' pet Dogue de Bordeaux and the only witness to his murder. Hooch is the exact opposite of Scott. The dog is noisy and destructive in nature whereas Scott is poker-faced and calm.


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The dog helps Scott in solving the case. However, in the end, Hooch suffers a lot of injuries during the gunfight and eventually dies. Scott also marries Emily (Mare Winningham), with the couple now caring for Camille and her litter of puppies, one of whom looks and acts exactly like Hooch.

Tom Hanks and Beasley the Dog in 'Turner & Hooch' (Disney/IMDb)

As far as the series is concerned, it takes place 30 years after the original movie and sees Scott Turner Jr (Josh Peck) inheriting a dog named Hooch. His dad wanted him to take care of the dog. Just like his father, Scott is also finding it difficult to handle him. But one thing that has made us curious is what happened to Hanks’ character. In the movie, Hanks’ character and Emily got married and were living a happy life.

So, what happened? And why Hanks is not going to make an appearance on the show? Let’s find out the real reason.

Hanks’ character is shown to be ‘dead’

The trailer for the upcoming series reveals that Hanks’ character has died after the events of the original movie. He married Emily and led a happy life. But the reason for his death is still unknown as the trailer doesn’t address that. On numerous occasions throughout the trailer, it is revealed that Hanks’ character has passed away.

Josh Peck as Scott Turner Jr in 'Turner & Hooch' (Disney+)

One thing is clear that Scott Sr’s death did not happen suddenly. According to the letter that his son reads, Scott says, “Dear Scotty, I know you think you don’t want a dog. But everything I cared about started with a dog.”

Hooch in 'Turner & Hooch' (Disney+)

We believe that Hanks’ character might have endured life-threatening injuries while solving a case and lost his life while battling them. The story will also see Scott’s sister Laura (Lyndsy Fonseca) helping her brother to investigate their father’s death which is “not accidental.” So, this proves that the death of Hank’s character is still a mystery and we might see that mystery unravel in the series.

The TV series also shows that Mare Winningham is not returning for the series as well and the role of Emily Turner is now being played by Sheila Kelley.

Sheila Kelley as Dr Emily Turner in 'Turner & Hooch' (Disney+)

It seems Scott wanted to give his son a posthumous gift that could possibly change his life. We saw in the original movie how Hooch changed him inside out and even made him look interesting. In life, Scott Turner Sr's experiences with Hooch not only made him a calmer person but also helped him develop a romantic relationship with his future wife, Emily.

Scott Jr will have his own adventures on the show along with the dog, but it seems the main motive for him would be to find the real reason for his father’s death.

‘Turner & Hooch’ premieres exclusively on Disney+ on Wednesday, July 21.

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