Is Mackenzie Ziegler the Tulip? Here are all ‘The Masked Dancer’ clues that you may have missed

Tulip, who is always decked up in a leafy mask with a tulip blossom for a face and petal skirt is considered as one of the probables to win the reality show

                            Is Mackenzie Ziegler the Tulip? Here are all ‘The Masked Dancer’ clues that you may have missed
Mackenzie Ziegler and the Tulip on 'The Masked Dancer' (Getty Images and FOX)

After showing off their exceptional dancing skills, masked dancers namely Sloth, Cotton Candy and Tulip reached the finale of FOX’s ‘The Masked Dancer’. Panelists Ken Jeong, Paula Abdul, Brian Austin Green and Ashley Tisdale sharpened their guessing skills throughout the show as they tried to guess who are the celebrities behind the masks.

Tulip has been one of the strongest contenders on the show since day one and with her powerhouse dance performances and subtle clues, she has been getting a lot of love from the audience. But, do you really know who is the celebrity behind the beautiful mask. We have got the clues lined up and we might have cracked the code. 

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The Tulip (FOX)


Who is the Tulip?

Tulip kickstarted her ‘The Masked Dancer’ journey with a bang by showing her skills on the song 'Fergalicious' by Fergie. Tulip, who is always decked up in a leafy mask with a tulip blossom for a face and petal skirt, is considered as the frontrunners on the reality show.

After 'Fergalicious', the tulip followed the routines set with ‘Fields of Gold’ by Eva Cassidy, ‘Thank U, Next’ by Ariana Grande and ‘My Boyfriend’s Back’ by The Chiffons. Kristen Bell, Simone Biles, Charli D’Amelio, Sarah Hyland, Hayden Panettiere, Heather Morris, Julianne Hough and Ariana Grande have been some of the wild guesses from the judges.

Tulip on 'The Masked Dancer' (FOX)

Is Mackenzie Ziegler hiding behind the Tulip mask?

Yes, looking at all the clues from the show, all the hints pointed out that the Tulip might be Mackenzie Ziegler. For the uninitiated, Ziegler is a singer, dancer, actress and model. She first shot to fame after she got noticed as a child while appearing for six years on the Lifetime reality dance series ‘Dance Moms’ together with her older sister, dancer and actress Maddie Ziegler.

If we talk about the hints, in the very first appearance, the Tulip had revealed she was a part of the acrobat team which points out to Mackenzie Ziegler as she has time and again showed her pro acrobat skills on the small screen. The Tulip also wowed the audience in her second appearance, where the visual clues included chalk and pyramids in Egypt and Tulip also opened up about being in a state of constant competition with her best friend whose success she was jealous of. In her third appearance, the Tulip was on the Super Six episode where her clue package revealed that she never really enjoyed competing but ever since she signed up for the show, she fell in love with performing.

Mackenzie Ziegler attends Mackenzie Ziegler Launches New Beauty Line "Love, Kenzie" on September 16, 2018 in West Hollywood, California. (Getty Images)

The Tulip also spilled the beans on the same episode saying there was still a long time to go before she thinks about retirement. She also added that she could easily memorize dialogues and that she'd rather have her car run out of gas but wouldn't let her phone run out of battery.  In the semi-finale round, as a super clue, a framed picture of Tulip and her mother at the “2nd Annual Mother Daughter Dance" was highlighted in the video. Throughout the show, we saw plenty of ‘Dance Moms’ clues, including a ticket from AL to DC for the Abby Lee Dance Company and a cereal box with 11 vitamins and minerals for 2011, when she joined the show. 

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