Is Gabby Douglas the Cotton Candy? Here are all 'The Masked Dancer' clues and hints from TikTok

Gabby Douglas's video of doing crazy yoga poses have fans suspecting she could be Cotton Candy

                            Is Gabby Douglas the Cotton Candy? Here are all 'The Masked Dancer' clues and hints from TikTok
Cotton Candy and Gabby Douglas seen performing ( FOX, Getty Images)

'The Masked Dancer' is inching towards the finale and more or less everyone in the audience has guessed the identities of their favorite masked performer. The Cotton Candy is one of the frontrunners for the Diamond trophy out of the remaining lineup of celebrity masked dancers including the Sloth, the Zebra, and the Tulip.

Her mesmerizing dance moves coupled with a number of handsprings and split leaps are very telling of the fact that she's very athletic and that's one of the many reasons that she has the fans piqued over her true identity. 


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'The Masked Dancer' Spoilers: Did host Craig Robinson accidentally reveal Cotton Candy's identity?

A couple of weeks on, theories were coming in strong that it's 'Dancing with the Stars' judge Derek Hough's sister Julianne Hough who was the one under Cotton Candy's mask. It all started when judge Ken Jeong declared that he's sure it's the singer and dancer disguised under the mask designed after a popular dessert.

This guess resonated with Host Craig Robinson who immediately turned to the Cotton Candy who was standing right next to him and called out "Hey Julianne" and mirroring his immediacy, she turned to look at him in response.

Cotton Candy during one of the performances (FOX)

Cotton Candy clues 

Over the episodes, through a number of clue packages, it has been revealed that Cotton Candy was introduced to competing from a very young age. The popular belief is that she's an Olympian and this stems from a number of visual clues including a series of intertwined rings and five gold balloons that are a direct nod to the Olympic logo. She has also said in one of the clue packages that she owns a lot of tights, TMI you think? Us too!

The Cotton Candy has also revealed that ice skating is an integral part of her life and that she cannot do what she's known for in heels and that she's physically fit. 

Cotton Candy on 'The Masked Dancer' (FOX)


Is Gabby Douglas the Cotton Candy? 

Gabby Douglas is a gymnast and her elder sister is a figure skater. She is the 2012 Olympic winner of an all-around Gold champion, and in 2015, she became the all-around silver medalist. This explains the Olympic logo clue in Cotton Candy's package video. In one of the events in 2012 Olympics, one of the events was the balance beam and she had slipped and fell, according to a ScreenRant article. So when the Cotton Candy fell in the very first episode from a height, she revealed that it was not her first time falling on National TV. 

Other clues included an English breakfast and a bowl of cornflakes. For the uninitiated, the 2012 Olympics were held in London and the English breakfast points to that. As for the cornflakes, Douglas had appeared on a box of a famous cereal brand. For the lipstick and fake eyelashes over supersized cupcakes that were a part of one of the clue package video, this could be a hint about the time Douglas collaborated with indie makeup brand Beauty Bakerie. 

Gabrielle Douglas of the United States competes on the balance beam in the Artistic Gymnastics Women's Individual All-Around final on Day 6 of the London 2012 Olympic Games at North Greenwich Arena on August 2, 2012, in London, England (Getty Images)


Is Gabby Douglas dropping hints on social media that she is Cotton Candy?

People following Douglas on Instagram have noted that she's been dropping subtle hints about her being the Cotton Candy. This includes a video post she shared on her page where she's seen doing some crazy yoga poses.

A Talent Recap article also noted that Gabby shared four pictures of herself doing some poses and they look very familiar to the poses that Cotton Candy does in all the promotional images for 'The Masked Dancer'. 

A screenshot from Gabby Douglas's Instagram stories (Gabby Douglas/Instagram)


She has also posted several videos on TikTok that show off her dance skills. In one of the videos, she leaped like a pro across the screen just like she's done during her performances on the show. All of this more or less proves that she is indeed the Cotton Candy but the truth remains that the audience will have to wait till she lifts the Diamond trophy and finally reveals her identity during the unmasking.

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