'Full savage': Tucker Carlson slammed for comparing Nancy Pelosi to Michael Jackson

Tucker Carlson said 'Michael Jackson was on Face the Nation' as he mocked Nancy Pelosi, who made an appearance on the show

                            'Full savage': Tucker Carlson slammed for comparing Nancy Pelosi to Michael Jackson
Tucker Carlson (inset top) Nancy Pelosi (inset below) Michael Jackson

Fox News host Tucker Carlson loves to rile up the Democrats, and the internet appears to love slamming him. The never-ending cycle was restarted on January 10, 2022, after Carlson compared Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Michael Jackson, mocking her appearance on 'Face The Nation' from January 9. The comparison shocked internet users, who quickly got to work slamming the controversial Fox host for his choice of words.

The controversy comes just days after Senator Ted Cruz was widely mocked for groveling on Carlson's show, appearing to apologize for calling the January 6 insurrection a "terrorist attack". In early December last year, Carlson was also trolled for calling the arson of Fox's Christmas tree an "attack on Christianity". Before that, he ended up riling some people by interviewing Kyle Rittenhouse, becoming the first to do so after Rittenhouse was acquitted. 


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Over the years, Carlson has also launched very public attacks on many key Democrats, including Vice President Kamala Harris and even President Joe Biden. It's no surprise then, that he decided to go after Pelosi, but the manner in which he did was truly shocking at best. Speaking about Pelosi's appearance, he said on his show, "So yesterday was Sunday, and you may have found yourself on the couch idly flipping around the TV dial. And if you flipped far enough, you could’ve had the shock of your life. Michael Jackson was on Face the Nation."

Carlson went on, "Now let’s be clear: this wasn’t a video of Michael Jackson performing his hit songs of the 1990s. This appeared to be a living version of the international pop star that news reports claimed died of a drug O.D. more than a dozen years ago." He defended his claims by saying, "We’re not theologians here. This is merely a news program. We can only show you what we saw. Here it is," and then playing a clip of Pelosi's interview. He even later tweeted the segment, with the caption, 'Michael Jackson was spotted on live television over the weekend."


'This is in poor taste, even for you'

One user slammed, "In search of a new low on a nightly basis, Tucker Carlson says that Nancy Pelosi looks like Michael Jackson." One person replied, "I would love to see both the Jackson family and Nancy Pelosi take you to court for this." Another responded, "I'll be the first to say that Nancy Pelosi is a dishonest, manipulative (insert word). But this is in poor taste, even for you bro. Resorting to physical appearance is lame af." One trolled, "Calling Tucker Carlson’s show a news program is about as absurd as suggesting Nancy Pelosi is Michael Jackson."





Others though appeared to really enjoy the comparison. Don Jr. tweeted, "Tucker goes full savage. You have to watch I won’t ruin it for you." One user tweeted, " Tucker Carlson just compared Nancy Pelosi looking like Michael Jackson @TuckerCarlson love his humor." Another said, "OMG... it didn't occur to me how much the shriveled Nancy Pelosi looks like Michael Jackson towards the end of his life until Tucker Carlson pointed it out tonight. Someone has got to edit the video of her to insert Jackson's vocal tics."