Joy Reid calls Tucker Carlson 'Tuckums' after 'race lady' remark, viewers say he ‘got murdered on national TV’

Reid took on Carlson for slamming her as 'the race lady' in a segment on 'The Reid Out' and viewers can't get over her calling him 'Tuckums'

                            Joy Reid calls Tucker Carlson 'Tuckums' after 'race lady' remark, viewers say he ‘got murdered on national TV’
Joy Reid in a screenshot of her segment (The Reid Out via Instagram) with an insert of Tucker Carlson (Getty Images)

Joy-Anne Reid had strong words for Fox News host Tucker Carlson while referring to him as 'Tuckums' in a segment on 'The Reid Out'. The hilarious segment has since gone viral on social media, with many celebrating Reid as a hero. 

The segment aired on Monday, May 3, as Reid took on Carlson, who has constantly referred to the MSNBC host as 'the race lady'. The latest case came last week when Carlson slammed Reid who said on air she still wears a mask despite being fully vaccinated. Carlson has also taken shots at Reid's Harvard education and claimed that she’s lived “an unusually privileged life.” 


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Tucker Carlson during the National Review Institute's Ideas Summit at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on March 29, 2019, in Washington, DC (Getty Images)

In response to those attacks, Reid called Carlson a "male Karen" on her show in late April, but otherwise refrained from attacking the host. All that changed on May 3, as Reid let out a long and furious attack on Carlson. "At least three times in last month, Tucker Carlson took time off from badgering strangers in parks and bouncy houses... to moi as the ‘race lady’!" Reid said. "'The race lady’? Why’d he call me that? I used to run track in high school but honestly, I’m not that fast. What else could it be? Hmm."

She then played a montage of Carlon's show, after which Reid said, "Oh, honey! Tuckums! Is this really about me fixating on race or is it about you fixating on race?" She continues to attack Carlson on a variety of topics, from his support of the 'Great Replacement Theory' to the recent controversy around his college yearbook. She ends by saying Carlson "makes America worse". 

Here's the full segment, which lasts around four minutes, as uploaded by 'The Reid Out' on Twitter. 


It didn't take long for people to notice Reid's nickname for Carlson, and within minutes #Tuckums was trending on the platform. Many users used the hashtag to slam Carlson, and celebrate Reid's takedown. 

Joy Reid speaks onstage during the 2019 Global Citizen Festival: Power The Movement in Central Park on September 28, 2019 in New York City. (Getty Images)

Twitter calls the nickname 'beyond epic'

MSNBC contributor Dr Jason Johnson tweeted, "#tuckums is trending....That's all you need to know". "Beyond epic" tweeted one while another said, "Joy Reid is legit tearing Tucker Carlson a new a**hole and I LOVE it so much."





Another said, "Human sh*t pile @TuckerCarlson just got MUUUUUUURDERED on national television.... and it’s f----- awesome". One person joked, "She called him #Tuckums. And then #LilTucker. He ain't ready for this." Another said, "Joy took #Tuckums out, head shot." 





"Hear ye hear ye. From this day forward the oxygen thief @TuckerCarlson shall be known as #Tuckums in perpetuity. I hereby decree it. Also #littletucums is also acceptable" another declared. Another shocked user tweeted, "Holy shit @JoyAnnReid with zero f---- left when it comes to Tucker Carlson."



"‘Hello, 911: ‘Yea, I’d like to report a bow tie on the ground with smoke coming out of it...'" tweeted one person. Another said, "We need the #tuckums merch. The Lil Tucker at the end had a nice frequency to it to. Joy had an immense amount of time. Bravo."



Carlson hasn't yet responded to Reid's takedown, his latest tweet is from a segment on his show. It's possible he may refer to Reid when he is next on air, or skip the reference altogether.  

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