'True Beauty' Episode 15: Fans hate on Su-ho for acting as if he hadn't hurt Ju-kyung with his break-up call

'True Beauty' Episode 15 saw Su-ho tell Ju-kyung that the two of them should break up but he also returns two years later to act as if nothing had happened

                            'True Beauty' Episode 15: Fans hate on Su-ho for acting as if he hadn't hurt Ju-kyung with his break-up call
A still of Su-ho in'True Beauty' Episode 15 (tvN)

In 'True Beauty' Episode 15, we see how Su-ho had left for the US to take care of his ailing father and was forced to stay back longer than planned because of another medical emergency. At this time, he also heard of Ju-kyung getting sick due to stress and he decides that instead of having her wait for him listlessly, he should break up with her. He felt guilty about how he had left things, and that is what drives his intentions behind the break up.

Why are fans unhappy with Su-ho in 'True Beauty' Episode 15?

At this point, Ju-kyung had disagreed and had even told him that she was not feeling stressed about him having to stay in the US. However, everything that she had said fell on deaf ears. After this call, a rift is formed between the two of them and after a while, Ju-kyung also decides to give up on her relationship and move on. The amount of tears that she had shed in his memory is something that Seo-jun had seen so she struggled a lot to move on and only her determination helped her.


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Even then, certain things, certain moments reminded Ju-kyung of Su-ho. Like the first snowfall. So when she decides to visit Namsan Tower in memory of Su-ho and sees him there as well, two years later at that... she is shocked. He is also shocked but he attempts to patch things up with her and even gets all emotional to claim that he returned because he missed her. 

A still of Cha Eun-woo and Moon Ga-young at the Namsan Tower in 'True Beauty' episode 15. (tvN)

Of course, Ju-kyung doesn't feel comfortable enough to accept this and instead, she runs away. Despite Ju-kyung's discomfort; Su-ho attempts to make it seem as if nothing went wrong between the two of them. He acts as if everything is hunky-dory, and arrives at Ju-kyung's home, her workplace, and even the comic store that the two of them used to spend time in. All in the hopes of getting a chance to spark things again. 

Fans also believe that this is not right on Su-ho's part and many have also reacted to this on Reddit discussion threads. One fan reacted and wrote, "Yea I have a bit issue with suho coming back and just expecting everything to be ok, he broke her heart and although it hurt for him - he was the one who decides this. He should apologise before doing anything and although tim team suho, it left a bad taste in my mouth." To this, one fan responded, "Yes the episode felt rushed to me. And the breakup really broke my heart. There wasn't enough pre-build for the breakup, it felt abrupt. I understand what they were trying to show. But there weren't enough scenes to convey those emotions. And by middle of the episode suho comes bac. I couldn't focus on either suho's pain or jukyeong pain or seojuns feeling. as I said, it all felt rushed to me. I think the writers wanted to end the episode with a love triangle and it really left a bad taste."

A still of Ju-kyung in 'True Beauty' episode 15. (tvN)

While there were many agreed with this sentiment and also wrote about how the show must stop dragging the love triangle between Seo-jun, Ju-kyung and Su-ho, many also believed that Cha Eun-woo as Su-ho handled the break up pretty well. One fan wrote, "I don't get all the hate Suho has been receiving from other True Beauty viewers. He got hurt too and he was 19 at the time he broke up with Jugyeong. He didn't ghost her totally, he broke up with her and said his reasons before they lost contact Give the guy some understanding too. (Yes, it's just a drama! I know.)" Another said, "I was actually surprised as to how well the break-up was handled on his end. Compared to let's say Doctor John where Ji Sung literally ghosts the FL for 3 years without a word or actual break-up."

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