‘Trolls: TrollsTopia’ Season 6: 5 things you need to know about animated series

‘Trolls: TrollsTopia’ Season 6: 5 things you need to know about animated series
‘Trolls: TrollsTopia’ Season 6 (Peacock Kids/YouTube)

'Trolls: TrollsTopia' returns with a new season, so get ready to sing and dance! The all-new episodes have plenty of hugs, joy, and cupcakes to share. 'TrollsTopia,' the animated spin-off show, is based on the once-popular toys from the 'Trolls' movie franchise.

This children's series is filled with cute, vibrant, singing trolls that like to fling their magic hair around and offer an abundance of hugs, just like in the movies. But, before we get into the specifics of this cartoon series, you might want to see whether you're interested in seeing 'StarBeam', 'Dragons: Rescue Riders', and 'Titans'.




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When does ‘Trolls: TrollsTopia’ Season 6 release and where can you watch it?

Season 6 of DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls: TrollsTopia hits Peacock and Hulu on February 17.

What all is ‘Trolls: TrollsTopia’ Season 6 all about? 

Welcome to TrollsTopia! Picking up where 'Trolls: World Tour' left off, TrollsTopia is an exciting new Troll city with delegates from the Country Western, Classical, Funk, Techno, and Hard Rock tribes! In the all-new animated series, join Poppy on her quest to promote friendship and peace. Inspired by the beloved DreamWorks Animation films, 'Trolls: TrollsTopia' is the next chapter in the hair-raising troll adventures. Now that Poppy knows there are other musical trolls scattered throughout the forest, she bottles up her endless positivity and invites delegates from every troll tribe in the forest to live together in harmony in a grand experiment she calls "TrollsTopia"!



Who stars on ‘Trolls: TrollsTopia’ Season 6?

Amanda Leighton
Leighton was born and raised in Fresno, California. She was the voice artist for Blossom in the 2016 Cartoon Network animated series 'The Powerpuff Girls', for Poppy in the 2018 Netflix animated series 'Trolls: The Beat Goes On!', and also for Polly in the 2019 Disney Channel animated series 'Amphibia'. She is also renowned for her role as Emma in the Freeform drama series 'The Fosters'.


Skylar Astin
Skylar Astin is an actor and singer. Skylar Astin was born and raised in Rockland County, which is part of the New York Metropolitan Area. He rose to prominence after playing Jesse Swanson in the musical flicks 'Pitch Perfect' (2012) and 'Pitch Perfect 2' (2015).

Who is the showrunner?

‘Trolls: TrollsTopia’ Season 6  is executive produced by Matthew Beans.





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