Trolls say 'Hanbin 2.0' after photo shows Treasure Yedam smoking with girls at a party while on hiatus

Trolls say 'Hanbin 2.0' after photo shows Treasure Yedam smoking with girls at a party while on hiatus
Before fans could defend Yedam, Teumes (fans of Treasure) noticed how Knetz slammed trolls bashing the idol for smoking (@yg_treasure_official/Instagram; Twitter)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Scandals are part and parcel of any Entertainment Industry but the stakes are pretty high in the K-pop industry where singers are considered idols and role models for the younger generation. This is why it is particularly necessary for idols to maintain a reputable public image of themselves when it comes to scandals and controversies. After a recent photo featuring Treasure’s Bang Yedam surfaced online, fans of the idol started defending him while trolls tried to make a scene out of this. 

In recent times, fans have started calling out trolls asking them to leave idols’ private lives alone. Fans claim that an idol, who is an adult of legal age can do anything they wish to and whether they smoke, drink, date or party is none of anyone else's business but that of the idol themselves. This is why, when Korean media tried to make a scandal out of Yedam of Treasure being spotted at a party around girls while he was allegedly holding a cigarette, Knetz slammed the media for invading his privacy when he was on a hiatus.


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Korean Media slam Treasure Yedam for smoking at a party

In a community post made on Nate Pann, a fan posted screenshots of Tweets where fans shared photos of Yedam at a party. The post alleged that Yedam who is on a hiatus from the activities of the boy group, Treasure was seen at a party. The fan claimed that Yedam who took a break to pursue his singing education is using his free time at parties. Moreover, the post also claimed that Yedam, who is a vocalist of the YG Entertainment boy group was smoking and partying with girls.

Fans claimed that the event was a DJ Party by Padi which was also attended by BI Rae, Changhoon, Shihwang, and more RnB artists. This also had many trolls comparing Yedam to BI (Kim Hanbin) who was embroiled in an illegal drug use scandal back in 2019. Before making a re-debut as a soloist, BI was a YG Entertainment idol and former leader of iKON. One troll said, "Damn,,yedam is smoking out there and clubbing while his still part of trsr are we getting a Hanbin 2.0?" Another said, "And bet his fans will say”he can do whatever he wants” stop blaming him” as if you all nver blame the members back then lol. His becoming hanbin 2.0."



'Not Knetz defending Yedam more than teumes'

However, the post did not get the reaction it sought as fans responded to the allegations against Yedam in the most wholesome way. Fans claimed that Yedam was an adult who could do anything he likes in his free time and it was none of anyone else’s business but his if he was at a party and was smoking. One fan said, “Yedam is an adult, he can party and what. the only thing i disagree with him doing is smoking because it’s bad for his health huhu. also he deserves a hiatus because he’s been working since he was 12 : ( i hope he had a good time with hanbin and raesung, my yg geniuses."

Another fan said, "If yedam was seen smoking cigarette & u can't accept it & want to deny it to urself and to others,THATS UR PROBLEM WHY MENTION HB? & BRING UP ISSUE that he is receiving retributions already? We know,you using Hanbin to save ur fave's a$$, divert the attention from the real issue." One more fan said, "Not knetz defending yedam more than teumes did we are in hell." One more fan said, "Knetz actually defending yedam more than teumes smh."

Another fan said, "See when you're actually talented and nice! knetz being bang yedam's defenders bcs they know him and his qualities. good at his job and good as a person. now y'all can stop worrying, i hope "teumes" will support and protect him too, as he's still in the group." One more fan said, "Knetz being bang yedam's defenders, i've never felt so relieved."











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