Is David Dobrik’s ‘afraid’ of Trisha Paytas? YouTuber slammed for turning off comments in apology video

Paytas claimed she was there at the group's home on the day of the alleged rape incident and that she saw Dobrik spike the girl's drink

                            Is David Dobrik’s ‘afraid’ of Trisha Paytas? YouTuber slammed for turning off comments in apology video
Is David Dobrik actively avoiding Trisha Paytas after latest sexual assault allegations against Vlog Squad member Durte Dom (Instagram and YouTube)

David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad members are being severely criticized for allegedly "drugging" and "raping" a fan in 2018. An anonymous accuser has claimed that vlog member and YouTuber Dominykas 'Dom' Zeglaitis aka Durte Dom, 23, "sexually assaulted" her when she came to the group's home to film a video. The latest allegations against the popular YouTube vlogging group promoted severe outrage on the Internet.

Social media users also started tagging YouTuber Trisha Paytas on Twitter in tweets about the controversy, waiting for her response. For the unversed, Paytas and David Dobrik had earlier had a fall-out after the former accused the members of the vlog squad of tricking her then-boyfriend, James Nash, into filming with Madison Neer and Tana Mongeau behind her back after joking about Nash sleeping with younger women. 


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A while ago, Dobrik went live on YouTube to issue an apology statement following the latest accusation against a member of his Vlog Squad, Durte Dom. Addressing several other accusations made against his Vlog Squad in the recent past, Dobrik said some of his videos have "missed the mark."

He also apologized to his fellow YouTuber Seth Francois for filming without his consent and explained that he has stopped working with Durte Dom, whose real name is Dominykas 'Dom' Zeglaitis. "I’m sorry if I’ve let you down, things like that won’t happen again,” Dobrik said in the apology video which he posted on his least popular YouTube channel with about a million subscribers instead of his high traffic channel with over 18 million subscribers. 


Trisha Paytak calls out Dobrik for 'fake apology'

It was only a matter of time before Paytas shared her own YouTube video, responding to Dobrik's apology. She called him out for turning the comments off in his video after telling her followers he damaged her reputation by accusing her of attacking him and Jason when the previous scandal unfolded. 

Paytas further claimed she was there at the group's home on the day of the alleged incident and that she saw Dobrik spike the girl's drink. "It's sad because it's not the first time that David has done something for the vlog."

"If you make a mistake own up to it. Don't say 'I'm sorry. Everyone's putting pressure on me so now I have t make this fake apology'", she added, before remarking that Dobrik was not one to leave a situation until he got a vlog out of it.

Is David Dobrik 'afraid' of Trisha Paytas?

Fans extended their support to Paytas after witnessing her latest video, where she has detailed Dobrik's ill-treatment of people. Some have noted how Dobrik did not bring Paytas up in his apology video as he may be "afraid" of her.

One commented under her YouTube video, "The fact that David is so afraid to say Trisha’s name is so funny to me." while another said, "Trisha is COMPOSED. COOL. COLLECTED. This is the Trisha that is dangerous. NO CRYING ON THE KITCHEN FLOOR. Watch out David."

Similarly, several Twitter users have come forward to back Paytak, while condemning Dobrik for his actions. One tweeted, "I'm happy Trisha is finally getting the recognition and replies and conversations she deserved all along!! @trishapaytas" Another wrote, "This is the dude that siad he couldn’t go around assaulting people when he was talking about Trisha Paytas running into him at a Starbucks... So much respect for women"



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