How did Trevor Strnad die? Black Dahlia Murder's lead singer and founder dead at 41

'The metal community lost one of its greats,' a fan tweeted

                            How did Trevor Strnad die? Black Dahlia Murder's lead singer and founder dead at 41
Trevor Strnad, 41, of the famous heavy metal band 'The Black Dahlia Murder' dead (Photo: @trevortbdm/Instagram)

Trevor Strnad, the Black Dahlia Murder's lead singer and founding member, passed away recently. His bandmates announced the news on Wednesday, May 11 on their official Instagram page. “It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of Trevor Scott Strnad. Beloved son, brother, and Shepard of good times, he was loved by all that met him,” the group wrote.

Strnad was described as "a walking encyclopedia of all things music. He was a hugger, a writer, and truly one of the world’s greatest entertainers. His lyrics provided the world with stories and spells and horror and whimsy. It was his life to be your show.” Prior to Strnad's death, the band had evolved numerous times with Strnad and guitarist Brian Eschbach serving as the final remaining original members. The group's name comes from the gruesome (and unsolved) 1947 murder of 22-year-old actress Elizabeth Short, which enthralled and scared the Los Angeles public. 


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How did Strnad die?

While the reason behind his death wasn't revealed by the group, the number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline mentioned at the conclusion of the group's social media post raised concerns.


The Black Dahlia Murder debut

The Black Dahlia Murder debuted with Unhallowed on Metal Blade Records in 2003, and the label has remained their home to this day. In the following years, they released eight more full-length albums, the most recent of which was Verminous in 2019. The Black Dahlia Murder, according to Strnad, is a constantly developing entity, with the group's most recent record being "the biggest evolutionary leap we've ever taken."


Strnad said, “It’s a very colorful, moody, and charismatic album that experiments with new sounds and ideas without losing the cutthroat Black Dahlia edge. There is a lot of minutiae to digest. Plenty of delicious little Easter eggs woven into the fabric of each song. Each one is a living, breathing entity that will stand on its own as some of the best music this band has ever created… We want an album to feel like a wild ride. A journey from beginning to end that has peaks and valleys.”



Eventually, after years of success, the band’s fanbase increased tremendously. The Black Dahlia Murder was scheduled to tour behind Verminous this coming August. It is still not known whether the tour will proceed but fans hope for an official statement to be released. Speaking of Strnad, a lot of fans have expressed their shock and condolences on Twitter.


'Rest In Peace brother'

One user wrote, “Wow. Black Dahlia Murder played a big role in my journey through heavy music. RIP.” Another wrote, “No f**king way!!! My heart hurts! This one really hurts. Rest In Peace brother,” while another said, “Rest in Power, friend. I'm glad I got the opportunity to meet and high five you the last time I saw you guys play. The metal community lost one of its greats.”







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