Trevor Noah accused of DOUBLE STANDARDS for supporting Will Smith but blasting Kanye West

Trevor Noah accused of DOUBLE STANDARDS for supporting Will Smith but blasting Kanye West
Trevor Noah (L) supported Will Smith amid the Oscars 'slapgate' incident but blasted Kanye West (R) for his behavior online (Jamie McCarthy and Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

Fans are calling out Trevor Noah for not speaking out about Will Smith's assault on Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars on Sunday, March 27. The comedian and TV star recently blasted Kanye West in a monologue on his show. On ‘The Daily Show’, Noah talked about men harassing their exes and pointed out Kanye’s progressively “belligerent” behavior, and compared the whole situation to a definite “car crash”.
The recent news of Grammy pulling out Kanye’s surprise performance owing to his “concerning online behavior” did not sit well with the fans. Fans are now calling out the Grammy host for his silence on Smith assaulting Rock on stage after one Reddit user shared a photo of Noah posing with Smith and his wife Jada following the 'King Richard' star's Best Actor win for his role in the film.


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The trio snapped together after the ceremony as Will Smith smiled holding his Oscar trophy. Noah also seem excited holding Smith's hand to acknowledge the award as wife Jada simply smiled and looked happy about her husband's big win.
The Reddit user shared the picture with the caption that pointed out Noah's tone-deaf behavior when it comes to abuse. It read, "Trevor Noah picks and chooses who he calls out for abusing people. AND Will Smith isn’t one of them."
Many others agreed in the comments as one person wrote, "It’s because it didn’t directly affect him." Another chimed in, "Call him out 👏tbh I think it was staged and cringy but if the Smith's wanna go out like that." A third critic wrote, "The publics double standards are annoying."

What happened between Noah and Kanye West?

Noah and Kanye West’s feud began when the comedian warned the public about the situation with the famous trio of Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and Pete Davidson and that it could get ugly. Highlighting his own experience with abuse, Noah pointed out that while Ye started by making gestures like delivering a truck full of roses to Kim could be passed as “romantic”, his actions have become progressively “belligerent” in course of time.

‘The Daily Show’ host talked about West’s music video for the song ‘Eazy’ which shows him kidnapping and then burying a Claymation version of his ex-wife’s current love interest Pete Davidson alive. “I do understand art can be therapy, I honestly do understand that, but I also understand that therapy can be therapy. Do you know what I mean?" Noah had said.

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