Kevin Costner's heartfelt speech hailed the 'highlight' of 'shameful' Oscars 2022

Kevin Costner's heartfelt speech hailed the 'highlight' of 'shameful' Oscars 2022
Many thinks Kevin Costner speech at the Oscar 2022 was the highlight of the award show (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

Kevin Costner charmed everyone with his speech about filmmaking and directing at the Oscars 2022. The Academy Award winner donned a black tuxedo and presented Jane Campion with the award for the Best Director for 'The Power of the Dog' on Sunday night.

But before presenting Campion with the award, Costner made a touching speech about filmmaking, which many think was the highlight of the award show. He gave the speech at such a historic moment as the win by Jane Campion marks the first time in Oscar history that a woman has won the award in back-to-back years, before Campion, last year Chloe Zhao took home the prize for Nomadland.


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In his speech, Kevin Costner said, “Once I too was a boy, in that magic castle of story and narrative, my seat there in the flickering dark of imagination, the celluloid cowboy dreams, the shadow and light, the west and north, my own hand in the very clay of human drama, the silver screen, dancing its beguiling waltz across the memories of a lifetime, cinematic champions, projected phantoms painting portraits of poets past, a saddle, a spur, a train track, a screenplay, a gun, two brothers, both identical, one can only lie, the other can only."

Despite being quite a controversial Oscar award this year, many viewers believe that Costner's genuine speech about filmmaking has really helped in saving the award show to a little extent. One Twitter user wrote, "Kevin Costner came out to present the Best Director Oscar and out of nowhere decided to do an emotional and heartfelt speech...and became one of the unexpected highlights of the night." Another wrote, "So much for the glamorous night in Hollywood. That was shameful. Oscar night isn’t what it used to be. However! Kevin Costner overshadowed the event with his amazing speech!"

"Kevin Costner rendered a beautiful description of a film director’s job. He honored all nominees and every single director that has ever done a film. Bravo! Beautiful words @modernwest #Oscar #Oscars2022," another user tweeted. Another added, "Kevin Costner’s speech introducing the Best Director’s Oscar from last night’s ceremony. So eloquent and you can see he really cares about movies."

A user also commented, "Your speech introducing the award for Achievement in Directing is the biggest moment of the 2022 Oscars, Kevin. Thank you for have been taking the true idea behind filmmaking to the world over the years." One user even talked about making Costner host the next Oscar, "Now for the 95th #AcademyAwards. Let’s have someone host who has a love for the movies, knows the history of it and loves what they do. I mean damn. Get #kevinCostner to host the 2023 #Oscars."












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