Cash Gernon's father Trevor is a wanted fugitive facing multiple charges, doesn't appear even after son's death

Cash Gernon's father Trevor is a wanted fugitive facing multiple charges, doesn't appear even after son's death
Cash Gernon's father is yet to be traced (Dallas Police)

DALLAS, TEXAS: The father of a four-year-old boy, who was found murdered last Saturday, May 15, is a wanted fugitive, court documents have revealed. Cash Gernon's father Trevor Gernon has reportedly a number of felony warrants out for his arrest. He has not reportedly been seen since March and has not shown up even  after his son’s death.

Cash was allegedly kidnapped in the early hours of May 15. Hours later, his remains were found half a mile away from the house from where he was kidnapped. The child’s body had no shirt or shoes while ants were crawling on his feet. Reports said he died due to several injuries from “an edged weapon.” At the time of his death, he was living with the former girlfriend of his father, Monica Sherrod, and her children. Last Saturday night, 18-year-old Darriynn Brown was arrested and pressed with kidnapping and robbery charges, though authorities said charges will probably be upgraded after the official cause of Cash’s death is released.


Darriynn Brown met Cash Gernon two days before his death when he visited his home when Monica Sherrod was out

Cash Gernon murder: Video shows Darriynn Brown RETURNED two hours later to snatch 4-year-old's twin Carter


CrimeOnline has now reported that as per court documents from the Harris County District Court, which it received from Andy Kahan, director of Victim Services and Advocacy for Crime Stoppers of Houston, Cash’s father Trevor is wanted on a number of charges. The charges against him include unauthorized use of a vehicle (two counts), fraud, drug possession (two counts), and theft by check.

Sherrod -- mother to 15-year-old Matthew, Landon, 14, and 18-year-old Kamron, and daughter Emily, 16 -- who had been taking care of Cash and his twin brother Carter for a few months said that Trevor came to her house with the twins in February, but he suddenly left the next month after getting in trouble with the law. And, even though one of his sons has died now, he still remains untraceable.


Monica Sherrod in her police mugshot (Montgomery County Police)


Meanwhile, another report said that one of the sons of the 35-year-old caretaker of Cash knew Brown. The suspect also reportedly visited the family’s home two days before allegedly carrying out the crime and interacted with Cash while she was not at home. Sherrod told that his presence made him angry. She added, “I told him don't come back around my kids. I don't want you. I was out grocery shopping when he was here. I'd left the twins with my boys and daughter. He was only here a short time. Emily said he creeped her out. I got upset with them.”


Darriynn Brown has been accused of murdering 4-year-old Cash Gernon (Dallas PD)

Sherrod also said emotionally, “I loved those boys. They were not even my biological boys. I brought them into my home. I had made this room for them,” before pointing towards a corner in the room where the twins lived and saying: “There was that little tortoise for them. We put a lot of toys in here. Cash slept at one end of the crib and Carter at the other. This is a six-bedroom house and I put them together at the back of the house because I didn't want them to be alone, I wanted them together.”

She called Cash a “so happy” soul as she added, “Cash was more outspoken than Carter. Cash was the leader. He was the one that showed Carter how to do everything. Cash was the one that was brave enough to follow through with everything.”


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 Trevor Gernon: Cash Gernon's father is a wanted fugitive, police seek public's help to locate him