Cash Gernon murder: Video shows Darriynn Brown RETURNED two hours later to snatch 4-year-old's twin Carter

Cash Gernon murder: Video shows Darriynn Brown RETURNED two hours later to snatch 4-year-old's twin Carter
Darriynn Brown can be seen snatching four-year-old Cash Gernon from his crib in a video (Twitter)

DALLAS, TEXAS: In a newly released horrifying video clip, Texas boy Cash Gernon's murder suspect Darriynn Brown can be seen snatching the four-year-old child from his crib. The same footage was used to identify Brown by Cash's father's ex-girlfriend Monica Sharrod, under whose care the boy was living. 

Cash was found less than two hours later, in the middle of the street, stabbed to death with what police called an 'edged weapon'. Brown, who has been charged with kidnapping and burglary, could face additional charges after forensic tests are completed. But what's even more incriminating for the 18-year-old man is another video clip obtained by Daily Mail that shows him return to the same house, this time to snatch Cash's twin brother Carter, who was sleeping in the same cot as him. Something however spooks Brown the second time and he leaves without kidnapping the other boy, all of this happening after Cash's body was found by a local jogger.


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Who is Carter Gernon?

Carter Gernon, four, is the twin brother of Cash Gernon, who was found dead in a Dallas street. The twin siblings' father vanished in March and left them in his ex-girlfriend's care. The boys' mother Melinda Seagroves and grandmother have been searching for them "for an extended amount of time," reports local outlets, adding that Carter has been reunited with the mother since Cash's body was found.

The chilling video shows Brown break into the 7500 block, Saddleridge Drive home in Mountain Creek where Cash and Carter lived with Sharrod. The time was allegedly just before 5 am and Brown can be seen approaching the cot where both the four-year-olds were asleep. Dressed in a hoodie, sweatpants, sneakers, and carrying a backpack, Brown can be seen hovering menacingly over the boys sleeping in their cots. He can be seen to hesitate briefly, as stands still for a few more minutes, just looking around the room. He then reaches down and carefully pulls back the blanket covering the children, before standing motionless once again, as his arms extend over Cash. It looks like he's being careful to not wake the pair, but soon he swiftly picks up Cash who immediately wakes up, and bolts out of the room with the boy on his shoulder.

Carter stirs quietly in the video as his brother is taken. Almost two hours later, Brown returns to the scene again as can be seen in another video clip. This time it's around 7am and Brown can be seen hovering over Carter, while Cash's bloodied body has been found eight blocks away, in the middle of the street. Brown seems to be scared off by something or someone in the second video before he can take Carter, and once again he bolts. A while later, Carter can be seen waking up, visibly puzzled and looking for his brother. He steps out of the bedroom to what seems like search for Cash, but ultimately returns and falls asleep again.

'I can't watch it anymore'

The suspect allegedly gained access through the open garage door and by pushing into the back door of the home. The boys' bedroom is located at the back of the house, near the rear entrance, far away from where the rest of the family members sleep. They knew Brown as a friend of Sharrod's older son Kamron Mori, who went to school with him. Nobody however knows why Brown targeted the toddlers, as Sharrod told Daily Mail: "It chills me to think that he could have been coming back for Carter. It shows him [Brown] taking the blanket off Cash and shows him snatching him and running with him while he is still asleep. He stares at him for a minute. I have watched it over and over again. I can't watch it anymore."

As she visited the makeshift memorial for Cash near the curb he was found, Sharrod told the outlet "We were all asleep when it happened. Cash usually wakes me up but he didn't wake me [that day]. When I got up, I noticed he was gone. I called 911. I didn't even know somebody had taken him. I thought he might have gone outside. That was until I watched my surveillance camera, which showed someone taking him out."

A photo of Cash Gernon, the victim (Dallas Police)

Cash's body was found shirtless and barefoot, around 6.40 am by a jogger who initially thought was a dog. On Tuesday, the Dallas Medical Examiner concluded Cash had died of multiple stab wounds. Brown, who was caught snatching Cash in a baby monitor footage, is set at $1.5million bail. Brown lives about half a mile from where Cash's body was found, and neighbors have also reported he was known to walk the area. The video obtained by cops also showed him wearing an ankle monitor which is allegedly from a past arrest - expected to be an April 27 one where he was booked on a misdemeanor charge for evading arrest. The case for that is still pending. 

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