Darriynn Brown met Cash Gernon two days before his death when he visited his home when Monica Sherrod was out

Darriynn Brown met Cash Gernon two days before his death when he visited his home when Monica Sherrod was out
Darriynn Brown has been accused of murdering 4-year-old Cash Gernon (Dallas PD)

DALLAS, TEXAS: Monica Sherrod, who was taking care of four-year-old Cash Gernon and his twin brother Carter, has opened up about the tragedy. Sherrod is the ex girlfriend of the twin's father, Trevor Gernon, who fled a few months back after getting in trouble with the law.

She said that the accused, Darriynn Brown, was known to one of her sons. Cash was reportedly sleeping with Carter when Brown crept into the house and kidnapped him from his bed early Saturday morning, May 15.

The child’s remains were reportedly found at around 6:45 in the morning a half-mile from his house. His body had no shirt or shoes while ants were crawling on his feet. It has also been said that he died of multiple injuries from “an edged weapon.”

The 35-year-old -- who is mother to 15-year-old Matthew, Landon, 14, and 18-year-old Kamron, and daughter Emily, 16 -- also said that the 18-year-old suspect had visited their home two days before carrying out the crime and interacted with Cash while she was not at home.


Sherrod told DailyMail.com that when she returned home and saw Brown there, she became angry. “I told him don't come back around my kids. I don't want you. I was out grocery shopping when he was here. I'd left the twins with my boys and daughter. He was only here a short time. Emily said he creeped her out. I got upset with them,” she added.



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In her emotional interview with DailyMail.com, Sherrod also said that the little boys were not her biological sons. Her former boyfriend Gernon, 31, was their father. All of them shifted with her in February, however, Gernon left the house on the 7500 block of Florina Parkway in March after getting into legal troubles. There is no information about him yet.


A photo of Cash Gernon, the victim (Dallas Police)

Sherrod mentioned, “I loved those boys. They were not even my biological boys. I brought them into my home. I had made this room for them,” before signaling towards a corner in the room and saying: “There was that little tortoise for them. We put a lot of toys in here. Cash slept at one end of the crib and Carter at the other. This is a six-bedroom house and I put them together at the back of the house because I didn't want them to be alone, I wanted them together.”

The mother went on to describe Cash as a “so happy” soul while noting, “Cash was such a quick learner. We would do this schooling thing every day and he would say, OK mom I'm ready for school. He didn't go to school here, we did it on the kitchen table. He wanted to know how to read so bad. He would always say, what's that say? And what's that say? He loved books. And he wanted me to read the same book over again. Cash was more outspoken than Carter. Cash was the leader. He was the one that showed Carter how to do everything. Cash was the one that was brave enough to follow through with everything.”

Sherrod along with her parents and her two elder sons visited the place where the boy was found by local resident Antwainese Square. The grieving family placed a large toy dinosaur at the makeshift shrine for the child. She said, “It was his favorite toy. He loved that toy. He had a bunch of cars and put them around the dinosaur and said look mom I made a monster truck. I waited so many days to go to where Cash was found. That's because everybody was bombarding me, and my baby just died. I have been receiving a lot of hate online. People are telling me it is my fault Cash died. I didn't want to be publicized as a monster. I'm not. My kids are my life.”


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 Darriynn Brown was Monica Sherrod son’s acquaintance and had visited the house before killing Cash