How to get tickets for Travis Scott's Las Vegas residency? Rapper announces shows but fans want ‘Utopia’

How to get tickets for Travis Scott's Las Vegas residency? Rapper announces shows but fans want ‘Utopia’
Travis Scott (pictured) announced new shows in Las Vegas (Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

Travis Scott, who is currently in the middle of multiple billion-dollar lawsuits for the Astroworld tragedy, has announced ‘Road To Utopia’ residency with Zouk Nightclub in Las Vegas. The ‘Highest in the Room’ hitmaker is hitting the road with seven new shows. The news comes after the rapper’s appearance at Nevada’s Day N Vegas festival was canceled earlier.  
While the fans of Travis Scott were elated with the news, many also pointed out how the new Las Vegas nightclub residency will further delay his already delayed fourth album ‘Utopia’. Travis Scott announcing new shows comes almost a year after the Astroworld tragedy. The Texas native got into legal troubles back in November 2021 when 10 people died at his Astroworld concert due to compression asphyxia during a massive crowd surge. In the lawsuit filed, Travis Scott is accused of injuring almost 5,000 people, with 732 being listed as severely injured.
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Travis Scott announces Las Vegas nightclub residency

According to a press release, as reported by Complex, the “nightclub residency experience” will take place at Resorts World Las Vegas’ Zouk Nightclub starting on September 17. Zouk Group CEO Andrew Li dubbed the rapper as a “seamless fit” for the venue. “His electric performances will pair perfectly with our immersive atmosphere, bringing our guests an unmatched show unlike anything else they can find in Las Vegas,” said Li adding, “We can’t wait to kick off his residency and continue to amplify our talent lineup.”

How to get tickets for Travis Scott’s Las Vegas residency?

The tickets for Travis Scott’s Las Vegas residency are available on the official website of Zouk nightclub. One can simply visit the website and get their hands on the tickets. Tickets for the Dance Floor are priced at $27,500, whereas, one has to shell $22,500 for the Upper Dance Floor. If looking for Fourth Tier tickets, then gear up to shell out a minimum of $10K otherwise the Back Wall tickets are also available for $7K.    

Tickets cost for Travis Scott's Las Vegas nightclub shows (Photo by ZoukGroup)
Tickets cost for Travis Scott's Las Vegas nightclub shows (Photo by ZoukGroup)


‘Still waiting for utopia’

A few social media users took to Twitter to ask about the release date of Utopia after the rapper’s new shows in Las Vegas were announced. Travis had first announced the album in 2020 and the fans have been anticipating the same ever since. “Travis Scott fans will cause the residency to end after the first show”, said one user as another posted, “Bruh we prob not getting utopia before late October.”
One shared, “Bruh no Utopia in august” as another asked, “Soooo no Utopia this year?” The next one requested, “@trvisXX please announce the release date for UTOPIA today” as, another tweeted, “Travis Scott confirmed to not be dropping Utopia in 2022.” One hopeful individual concluded, “Still waiting for utopia.”








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