Top 10 sexiest NFL players: Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton and Russell Wilson make the cut

From Tom Brady to Patrick Mahomes II, this NFL season is promising action with a dose of oomph

                            Top 10 sexiest NFL players: Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton and Russell Wilson make the cut
Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton and Russell Wilson are three top quarterbacks this NFL season (Instagram, Facebook)

With the NFL season dawning upon us, it's almost time to get ready for cheering for our home teams and favorite players. And even if you are not a big NFL fan, fret not, you can spend hours watching some of the hottest players sweating it out on the field. The 2021 NFL season is all set to unleash some of the most talented men of football, which definitely includes most of the sexiest quarterbacks out there. 

From experienced players like Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers to younger players like Patrick Mahomes II, this season is promising action with a dose of oomph. Without much further ado, we have compiled a list of the ten sexiest quarterbacks in NFL this season, who you definitely should look out for. We found it hard to rank their hotness quotient, so we leave it up to you. Warning: It might get hotter out there. 


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Tom Brady

The iconic Quarterback from Tampa Bay Buccaneers has become almost with American football for any fan. Brady has seven Super Bowl rings to his name and is called the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) perhaps more often than his name. Bonus - once you spot him with his gorgeous supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen, it's hard to not swoon over the picture-perfect couple. 


Aaron Rodgers

The 37-year-old quarterback for Green Bay Packers stands at 6'2" and has been the NFL Most Valuable Player not once, not twice but three times. With impressive stats and a Bert Bell Award to his name, Rodgers undeniably has a charm even his harshest critic cannot deny. His love story with actress Shailene Woodley is also the stuff of fairytales. 


Russell Wilson

The 32-year-old father of two is a quarterback with Seattle Seahawks. He has earned the honor of leading his team to the Super Bowl even when he was a rookie. As if it does not get any better for one of the hottest football players in this decade, Russell Wilson is married to Ciara. 


Cam Newton

A quarterback with New England Patriots, Cam Newton has had an impressive run throughout his career so far. The Georgia native previously played for the Carolina Panthers for nine seasons. No matter which team he plays for, he is sure to win your hearts with his dashing looks. 


Patrick Mahomes

The 25-year-old QB with Kansas City Chiefs has already made it to the list of the richest NFL players. The Texas native was voted the Super Bowl MVP in 2020. In his personal life, he is quite the doting father to his newborn daughter. 


Carson Wentz

The Indianapolis Colts QB had previously played for the Philadelphia Eagles for four years. The 28-year-old Carson Wentz has been a Super Bowl champion once and five times FCS Champion. He is married to his high school sweetheart. 


Josh Allen

Ranked number 10 on CBS Sports' Top 100 NFL Players of 2021, Buffalo Bills QB Allen is also one of the hottest on field. The 25-year-old player, who stands at 6'5", has been playing in NFL since his selection in 2018. He is in a relationship with his high school classmate Brittany Williams. 


Jimmy Garoppolo

A quarterback with San Francisco 49ers, Jimmy Garoppolo had previously played for New England Patriots for two years. He has led his team to Super Bowl championship twice and also won the SN Comeback Player of the year. 


Matt Ryan

He might be a bit older than most other players on this list, but Matthew Thomas Ryan of Atlanta Falcons has not lost any of his charms. The 36-year-old had played for Boston College Eagles prior to joining the Atlanta Falcons in 2008. He is happily married since 2011 with Sarah Marshall. 


Kirk Cousins

The 32-year-old Kirk Cousins is a quarterback with Minnesota Vikings. He has been married since 2014 to Julie Hampton and is a proud father of two. 


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