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Tom Brady dubbed 'racist' for beating Patrick Mahomes at Super Bowl on Black History Month, fans slam 'woke left'

'If Tom Brady beats Patrick Mahomes during Black History Month then we have to double whatever we're demanding from reparations,' one user said
UPDATED FEB 11, 2021
Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes (Getty Images)
Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes (Getty Images)

Tom Brady led his team Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a Super Bowl victory over Kansas City Chiefs, making it his personal seventh win. Even as the nation erupted in celebration, there were many who thought that Brady's win was "wrong", especially coming during Black History Month. While many flocked to Twitter to share their opinion on Brady's win, many others were furious that it was Patrick Mahomes who lost to Brady. 

As soon as the game results were announced, Brady was tagged a "racist". "Tom Brady winning during black history month is so racist," one user tweeted. "If Tom Brady beats Patrick Mahomes during Black History Month then we have to double whatever we're demanding from reparations," another user added. One said, "tom brady disgusting tom brady racist tom brady trump tom brady the worst man to ever exist tom brady evil tom brady bad tom brady bad guy go chiefs i love patrick mahomes run it back patrick mahomes sexy chiefs." Another said, "The NFL is racist for obviously throwing this game for Tom Brady over a black Patrick Mahomes." One more said, "Ima go ahead and get in front of this one. Tom Brady (white) beats Patrick Mahomes (black) = extremely racist."


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Tom Brady #12 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers warms up before Super Bowl LV against the Kansas City Chiefs at Raymond James Stadium on February 7, 2021, in Tampa, Florida (Getty Images)






Tweets along the same lines took over Twitter in no time. "Aint no way Tom Brady winning 7 Super Bowls during black history month aint racist." Another said, "There is no world where I’m rooting for Tom Brady to win a Super Bowl during Black History Month." One more added, "So y’all rooting for Tom Brady against a black quarterback during Black history month? Hmm." Another said, "Just for the record Tom Brady is still a piece of shit trump supporter." One more said, "Tom Brady is ugly and dumb and a trump supporter and I’ve never understood why anyone admires him."






Brady is no stranger to criticism. Last week, he was called out in a USA Today article for his apparent support for former president Donald Trump. But the tweets have led to a larger debate on social media. Twitter started asking if this really is a matter of race. It also raises other more relevant questions. Can't the Buccaneers win the Super Bowl because they have a White quarterback? Or did Brady have to downplay himself in order to let Mahomes win because of his race?

As a result, many Twitter users lashed back. "What about the black players on the Buccaneers? Don’t they count? Brady is not the only player," one user responded to someone calling Brady a racist. "Tom Brady is racist as hell for beating a 1/2 white 1/2 black man who decided to identify as black during black history month," another said. Some asked fellow Twitter users not to drive the conversation the wrong way. "Please stop! This is not a good look. We all appreciate @Kaepernick7 but this is not the day or the way. Let's give @TomBrady his flowers today," to which another user replied, "I couldn’t give a crap about Tom Brady or football. I think his fans are praising him for his ability to play football. What did he say or do that you believe he is racist? I’m honestly confused." One fan said, "Stop making shit up." One said, "Really at this point 90% of the actual racism comes from the "woke" left."






Some wondered if Brady is indeed a better player. "Just bc @TomBrady may have at one time voted for/supported Trump does NOT make him a racist...he would not accomplish what he has if he was. Respect what he has done on the field & stop focusing on an old picture to make judgment on the best QB bc of assumed political beliefs," one user wrote. "I officially done want to be part of the human race anymore. People are calling Tom Brady racist because he won a Super Bowl. during black history moth," another frustrated user added.