Will Aaron Rodgers return to Green Bay Packers in 2022? Fans say 'ANY team would love him'

The Green Bay Packers quarterback reported to camp, got his first practice and then addressed some of his grievances with the Packers

                            Will Aaron Rodgers return to Green Bay Packers in 2022? Fans say 'ANY team would love him'
Aaron Rodgers #12 of the Green Bay Packers considered retirement this offseason (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, spoke to the media at training camp on Wednesday, July 28, and disclosed that he had considered retirement before rejoining the team. “Things in that direction haven’t really changed at all. ...There’s gonna be a lot of tough decisions at the end of the year. I’m just gonna enjoy this year, ” he said expressing his disappointment.

The quarterback returned to the Green Bay Packers, completed his first practice and then spoke extensively about his sentiments toward the franchise and his future with the only NFL team he has ever known.


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Shailene Woodley mocked as fiance Aaron Rodgers' mouthpiece for sharing video slamming Packers

Rodgers has recently been in the news for dating actor Shailene Woodley. Rodgers in April this year spoke out about being 'disgruntled' with his team and not wanting to return to the same. He even disclosed his preferred list of teams he'd like to join, among which were the Denver Broncos. Many fans believed the reason behind him wanting to join the Denver Broncos is because Rodgers' fiancée actress Woodley happens to reside in Boulder, Colorado.



Will Aaron Rodgers return to Green Bay Packers in 2022?

During speculations that he was disgruntled with the organization and no longer wanted to play in Green Bay, Rodgers told ProFootballTalk that retirement was "definitely something I thought about," Bleacher Report revealed.

Rodgers also reportedly addressed some of his grievances with the Packers, including their unwillingness to include him in major organizational decisions.  He felt he had little to no say on the team's plans, roster construction and free-agency decisions. "The organization looks at me like I'm just a player. In my opinion … it should tie myself to more input," he said in an ESPN interview. “Maybe run it by me and I can change your mind. At least to be in the conversation makes it feel like you’re important, [like] you’re respected,” he said. "I just want to be involved in conversations that affect my ability to do my job," he added.



The relationship, it appears, will continue for the 2021 season, but his future with the team, news outlets reported, remains uncertain beyond that. “I really don’t know,” said Rodgers about his post-season future according to Yahoo! Sports

Rodgers said he considered retirement this offseason. "Yeah, it was definitely something I thought about," he said. However, as he reflected on the events of the offseason, he decided he was certain he wanted to continue playing. "We got some things figured out in the last few days, and now I’m here,” the reigning MVP said. "I know I can still play, and I want to still play," he added.

However, he admitted that he doesn't know whether he could or will be in Green Bay past the current season. While he isn't against returning to the team next year, but he did seem to concede that he might not be able to control where he goes if he is traded.

'Aaron Rodgers came with the smoke today'

The whole interaction did get fans and social media talking. "I’m not naïve enough to think that everything is sunshine & rainbows in Green Bay between the Packers & Aaron Rodgers, but for the rest of the year I’m just gonna choose to be optimistic that Gutekunst & Co. will find common ground with Rodgers to make this thing work again," said one. "I take no issue with his logic Man shrugging… QBs like Aaron Rodgers only come around generationally.. he been breakin my heart as a Cowboys fan for 10 years and counting," said another.

"Aaron Rodgers came with the smoke today and I loved every bit of it," quipped third.  "Every human that has ever had a job should watch the Aaron Rodgers press conference. That is a man that understands what makes the Packers different. We are an organization about the people and about the community. We celebrate Packer legends unlike any team in professional sports," a fourth chipped in.

A fan said: "Keep on Bashing this guy GB fans, ANY team would love to have him, all he wants is to have some input on the roster? where is the problem."