'Too formulaic and bad humor': Fans disappointed with Arnold Schwarzenegger's deadpan Netflix action-comedy 'FUBAR'

'Too formulaic and bad humor': Fans disappointed with Arnold Schwarzenegger's deadpan Netflix action-comedy 'FUBAR'
The Brunners and CIA agent drive away after the wedding from hell in 'FUBAR' (Instagram/@schwarzenegger)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: ‘FUBAR’ was supposed to be Arnold Schwarzenegger’s big debut in a scripted role for a streaming giant like Netflix. However, it turned out to be a deadpan action-comedy, stuck in the past with its mediocre action sequences and dry humor that didn’t land for any of its characters. Arnold was assisted by Monica Barbaro, who plays his daughter and secretly works for the CIA. Arnold is an agent for the CIA as well and learns about her daughter’s true nature of the job. This leads to a bigger altercation between the father and daughter where family issues keep popping up as they try to save the world from the wrath of a mercenary’s son.

FUBAR’ is a noble attempt to massage the ego of Arnold fans but in doing so, it turns out to be a heartless action flick that tries extremely hard to be more than what it truly is. Despite the critics, some ardent Arnold fans have defended the series with all their might but their desperate attempts to applaud ‘FUBAR’ only come to arise because of their blind and lifelong devotion to the legend of Arnold Schwarzenegger. But the true fans saw ‘FUBAR’ for what it really was — a disappointment.  


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'Extremely formulaic Netflix show'

‘FUBAR’ is the story of CIA agent Luke Brunner who is about to retire when he discovers his daughter Emma (Monica Barbaro) is also working for the CIA. The duo are assigned on a mission together by the agency but there’s a huge problem -- Luke and Emma can’t stand each other. Through the course of eight episodes, ‘FUBAR’ shows the constant tussles and tribulations in the father-daughter relationship and focuses on their differences as they continue to fight a terrorist. The plot is shoddy and predictable, making it a less-than-average watch for many fans. They instantly regretted it and couldn’t help but slam their favorite star. 

Some of them took to Reddit to express their anger. “Don’t take this show seriously. It’s a dumb fun father-daughter action comedy show. It’s not hardcore action,” one fan said.


Another brought out an interesting observation about Netflix’s formula to create action comedy shows and critiqued the plot. “Extremely formulaic Netflix show, in that it's got bad dialogue, unfunny characters, jokes that don't land, and a plot that barely makes sense.”

Fans were also not very gentle with their remarks on the legendary star. “Also I didn't like looking at Arnold's botox'd face.” One fan’s disappointment knew no bounds as they compared it to a CBS show. “Be warned first episode is the best and it just gets worse if Arnold wasn’t attached it feels like it would be a CBS procedural show. I’d be shocked if Netflix renews it,” the fan said.


Some gave up after the first episode itself. “I tried watching the first episode. Was not enjoying it. Way too predictable, the writing was bad and the characters unbelievable,” the user wrote.

A fan was furious himself for loving Arnold and holding him in high regard. “This is so bad when they started instant choking when he sprayed them from those dolls, I mean..it's so bad I can't believe it. I absolutely love Arnold and there is probably no movie I haven't watched where he acts but this is simply unwatchable,” they added.


There were only a few voices who liked the series for its dumb sequences and comedy as one wrote, “It's dumb fun and that's what I need sometimes.” No matter how much they idolize you, sometimes the fan can tear you apart if you fail to deliver. 

Will there be a Season 2 of ‘FUBAR’?

Netflix has not made any concrete announcements about renewing ‘FUBAR’ for a second season. The first season ended on a cliffhanger and so it is expected of the streaming giant to make another for the story to end but given the abysmal reactions of the fans, they will surely want to reconsider before they green-lit another bland action comedy for Arnold fans. 

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 'Too formulaic': Fans disappointed with Arnold Schwarzenegger's deadpan Netflix action-comedy 'FUBAR'