'FUBAR’ Episode 8 Review: Luke and Emma’s secret is finally revealed before the family

'FUBAR’ Episode 8 Review: Luke and Emma’s secret is finally revealed before the family
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Travis Van Winkle, and Monica Barbaro in Netflix's 'FUBAR' (YouTube/@Netflix)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Netflix’s ‘FUBAR’ is not a mere action comedy signaling the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger to our screens but is also about the perils of a family struggling with issues of absent parents and their repercussions. Luke Brunner (Arnold) is a CIA agent who has kept his job secret from his family and when he learns that his daughter Emma (Monica Barbaro) also works for the CIA, an ugly confrontation ensues between the father and the daughter. Emma blames him for constantly interfering in her life and lying while Luke is flabbergasted after learning that his daughter is another pawn for the CIA. 

Both continue to confront their demons, leaving Tally (Emma’s mother and Luke’s ex-wife), Carter (Emma’s fiance), and Oscar (Luke’s son) in the dark about the true nature of their job. However, in the season finale, it was nearly impossible for Luke and Emma to keep their job a secret anymore, especially when the bad guys came knocking at their door. 


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The return of Boro

The title of the final episode of season one - ‘That’s It and That’s All’ - is a little misleading. Luke and Emma got out of the reactor in Sardovia, leaving Boro in the pit when the explosion took place. He was dead for them. But Boro and his men came unannounced and surprised Luke and Emma at Tally’s wedding to Donnie. Despite all her present affection for Luke, Tally had chosen to re-marry. 

But before the ceremony could be concluded, Boro barged in with his men and kept Tally at gunpoint. Luke and Emma managed to kill Boro and his goons and ran to their van. Their identity was blown — both to their family and to all the members of Boro’s army who are now rushing to kill Emma and Luke. The Brunner family manages to escape but realizes that they are now forever doomed as Boro’s remaining men will never stop looking for them. Tally and Carter are now a part of Luke and Emma’s secret. They probably understand why Luke and Emma had been behaving strangely all this time, with their sudden disappearances and constant problems.


Will Carter come back to Emma?

Carter broke his engagement with Emma after learning that she had a fling with Aldon. But more importantly, he felt that Emma was unavailable and distant, which left him furious and disappointed at times. Despite confronting Emma on multiple occasions, Carter never received a satisfactory answer from her. But now, Carter knows about Emma’s association with the CIA. The two still love each other but with Aldon's presence around them, it will be extremely difficult for Carter to convince Emma to come back to him.

There are no secrets left in the Brunner family. The finale was a grand and successful attempt to bring everyone under one umbrella of the CIA. Everyone is a part of the madness now. 

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 'FUBAR’ Episode 8 Review: Luke and Emma’s secret is finally revealed before the family