Who is Tony? Meet the personal trainer who helps '1000-lb Sisters' stars Chris and Tammy Slaton work out

The highly energetic personal trainer, Tony, has the Slaton siblings on their feet and racing towards weight loss surgery

                            Who is Tony? Meet the personal trainer who helps '1000-lb Sisters' stars Chris and Tammy Slaton work out
Slaton siblings Chris Slaton and Tammy Slaton and personal trainer Tony in '1000-lb Sisters' (TLC)

Tammy Slaton has been working with a separate doctor for a while after Dr. Procter kicked her out of his program after she gained an unfathomable amount of weight instead of making it to her goal weight that would have helped her get an okay for weight loss surgery. Dr. Procter told Tammy's family that the chances of her dying in the next five years were up by 80 percent and if she doesn't make a change now and becomes totally immobile, she would be sealing her fate for the worse. Tammy still couldn't do much to bring about a prominent change in her life and her siblings were worried about her and were planning an intervention. That didn't happen but it looks like Tammy just received what she was in need of and Chris too reaped the benefits of it. 

In a trailer for the upcoming episode, Tammy and Chris are seen busting some exercise moves. The siblings are known to make a joke out of their everyday situations and it was refreshing to see that they were not cribbing about all the physical activity they were getting in and kudos to the man who helped aid this. If you are wondering who Tony is. keep reading below. 



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Chris Slaton and Tony in '1000-lb Sisters' (TLC)

Who is Tony on '1000-lb Sisters'?

"Tammy and Chris come outside, I have a workout. Let's go let's go," Tony said arriving at Tammy's house with a siren. In a confessional, Tony said he wanted to teach Chris and Tammy some things that they could do on their own and also look at what they can't do and help them out of their comfort zone. Tony believed most people could do more than they think they can pull off and he just wanted the same for the Slaton brother-sister duo. 

Tony in '1000-lb Sisters' (TLC)

How did Tammy and Chris react to the workout?

Audiences have seen Tammy struggle with her mobility all through the two seasons but seeing Tammy sit up and down on the porch without any struggle with just one hand on her walker for support was quite refreshing. Tammy was also seen doing bicep curls in the trailer and she didn't for once complain except for one whiny "my butt hurts" comment but that was in jest as well. Chris too was seen pushing himself hard and it looks like if he keeps going like he was, he would lose those 18 pounds soon and get cleared for surgery. 

Tammy Slaton, Tony, and Chris Slaton in '1000-lb Sisters' (TLC)


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