‘Tommy’ Episode 12 Preview: Is Chief Abigail Thomas in for a rough ride in series finale?

As the crime drama is about to air its final episode and the last installment of the series, we take a peek into what’s coming and on what Tommy is about to face

                            ‘Tommy’ Episode 12 Preview: Is Chief Abigail Thomas in for a rough ride in series finale?
Edie Falco as Abigail Thomas on CBS's Tommy (IMDb)

The primetime cop drama is about to end and truth be told, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be a happy ending for anyone.

After 11 episodes of hard-hitting plotlines, addressing pressing social issues, and seeing a convention-breaking cop trying to do it right, CBS’ ‘Tommy’ is going to air its season finale. But it’s not just a season finale. In a disappointing announcement from the network, prior to its final episode, the series got canceled and it not getting a go-ahead for another season.

But in the meantime, we must take a look at what’s coming in Episode 12 ‘Cause of Death’. Inferring from the previous episode, we can say that the last days of Chief Abigail Thomas (Edie Falco) at LAPD are not going to be smooth. After a few compromising photos of Tommy and her girlfriend, Kiley Mills (Katrina Lenk) became public, and Kiley was spotted intervening in a case Tommy was involved it, the Chief was put under an investigation by the department’s ethics committee. This is not only a huge blow to Tommy’s image as the first female chief of LAPD -- and a powerful one at that -- but also a risk to her career in the police service.

Simultaneously, we also see a huge conspiracy brewing among the men who find Tommy a threat and can’t have their way with the government as long as she is in power as the police chief. Len Egan (Paul Schulze), an ex-cop and now a private security officer, former chief, Milt Leakey (Corbin Bernsen), and real estate mogul, Lovell (Micheal Cumptsy) are about to launch a war against Tommy to bring her down. They even try to rope her Chief of Staff, Donn Cooper (Russell G Jones) into their agenda. We have been contemplating if Cooper could turn out to be a threat to her. While they have a very friendly working relationship and Tommy does trust him, it is difficult to say if he will forgo all that and save himself and his job. At this point, anything seems possible.

Also, if we try and infer from the preview of the upcoming and final episode of the series, it becomes clear that Tommy is going to lose her job and would be made or asked to step down from her position of Chief of LAPD.

The sneak peek sees Tommy telling her ex-husband and daughter about her future plans and that she has finally given in to the current situation. Despite being the tough cop and an officer of high morale, Tommy had to resign to the political mind games and power-hungry miscreants.

Take a look at the clip from ‘Cause of death’.



As if the news of the show’s cancellation was not enough for the audience, the ending chapter also seems to be a downer. However, we also know that Tommy doesn’t give up easily or give into injustice without fighting it out to the last minute. Despite the seemingly sad ending, could there still be a thin ray of hope for Abigail Thomas at the end?

Don’t miss the series finale of ‘Tommy’ when it airs on Thursday, May 7, 10 pm/9c, only on CBS.

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