'Tommy' Episode 1: Edie Falco's trailblazing performance as LA's top cop in new CBS drama has fans going gaga

The network dropped its latest late-night crime drama featuring the award-winning actor and fans are all praise for her character and her pilot episode performance

                            'Tommy' Episode 1: Edie Falco's trailblazing performance as LA's top cop in new CBS drama has fans going gaga
Edie Falco and Russell G Jones (IMDb)

At a time when the nation is reeling under multiple social, political and economic issues, art is the only way to keep our aspirations alive and push us through this tough time.

CBS' brand new production 'Tommy' is one such show that appears to be a promise within these dark times. But more than the story, it's Edie Falco who is getting all the praise for her character and for being such a fantastic actor.

A two-time Golden Globes winner and four-time Emmy winner, Falco is a star of primetime television. And when you see such an established actor in and as the titular character, you can expect nothing but cutting-edge performance!

That is exactly how fans felt today after the pilot of 'Tommy' was aired. Portraying the first lesbian female Chief of Police of LAPD is way more than we could have ever expected to see in all its glory.

One fan cherishes Falco so much that she says, “#EdieFalco is a national treasure. #Tommy." One fan is excited about having the actor back on screen after successful, award-winning shows like 'The Sopranos' and 'Nurse Jackie': "#Tommy #EdieFalco is back!! Great show! She is the police captain LA deserves!! Way to go Edie!!"

Another Twitter fan loves the idea of "A female lead police chief in #Tommy! This show is the real deal! #EdieFalc.o"

While you might think that 'Tommy' or Falco would only have a heavy female fan following, you would be wrong. Those who see through the feminist façade and only see acting, plotline and how the protagonist drives the story, love the show already for what it is.

One fan says, “What I love about #Tommy so far is she’ll always do what’s right! #EdieFalco."

If you are also excited to hear such reactions, then you might want to start catching up on this late-night crime drama thriller that deals with social justice, current political issues, while weaving in family drama and the struggles of estranged relationships.

'Tommy' airs every Thursday at 10 pm/9c on CBS.

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