Is Spider-Man a BTS fan? Here's how the fandom found about Tom Holland being an ARMY

Is Spider-Man a BTS fan? Here's how the fandom found about Tom Holland being an ARMY
Spider-Man star Tom Holland calls BTS a 'big deal' (Sony Pictures Entertainment, @bts_bighit/Twitter)

With BTS probably being one of the biggest groups in the world, it is no surprise that we would find fans in the most unexpected of places. From even the strict North Korea having secret fans to superstars admitting that they listen to BTS, the K-pop group is an international sensation. And now the latest celebrity ARMY (BTS fandom’s name) happens to be a superhero in a sense. During the press junket of the latest Spider-Man film, Tom Holland who plays the Marvel character has revealed to be a BTS fan.

Well, ARMY found out about it during a Twitter interview with the cast of ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’. And fans love the crossover between the Marvel superhero and K-pop. Multi fans have been looking for hints everywhere since an ARMY gave Tom Holland a BTS merch headband to wear during a meet and greet in 2019. He was also present in South Korea to promote ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ where he did a mukbang (food vlog) and performed BTS’ ‘Dynamite’ with W magazine. And now three years later, we have him enjoying BTS edits.

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Tom Holland calls BTS ‘big deal’

Yes, that’s right, it looks like Spider-Man is a huge ARMY. During a Twitter interview on December 17, Tom Holland, Jacob Batalon and Zendaya were asked to read and react to tweets about ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’. One of the hilarious ones was by an ARMY as user @caughtincandyy tweeted, “I GOT SPIDER-MAN TICKETS! :D omg felt like getting bts tickets.” Since BTS tickets get sold out in minutes as evident from their latest LA concerts, the cast was flattered that their film was compared with the global K-pop group.


Zendaya, Jacob and Tom all agreed that it was a huge compliment and a big deal. Tom Holland then added, “I really like the edits of BTS. They’re always done really well. Very entertaining.” Jacob and Zendaya agreed with the former saying “They’re lit.” Well, there we have it, the cast of ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ including Tom Holland is officially part of BTS’ fandom. And well, multi fans are freaking out with some hoping they can alert Jungkook as the youngest BTS member is a huge Spider-Man fan.


'ARMY confirmed'

And while Tom did not spell it out, ARMY have adopted him into the fandom. They made tweets like, “Not tom holland saying he watches bts edits because they're well done, and that being compared to bts is a big deal,, army confirmed!!” “Tom Holland watches @BTS_twt edits AAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA the whole world is an ARMY,” and “Tom holland is an army i always trusted him.” Fans also thanked the original fan who made the tweet, “We got this, thanks to you!”





'Where is Jungkook'

ARMY also wanted to check in on Jungkook, “Tom holland saying he watches bts edits where is jungkook.” They also wondered, “Tom Holland said he likes BTS edits and they are done really well. Did he already see this viral Jungkook spiderman edit.” Another hilariously tweeted, “Tom holland is an army and spiderman. yk who likes spiderman? jungkook. tom holland watches bts edits too therefore he might’ve seen the spideykoo edits THEREFORE jungkook will be in a spiderman movie soon.” One posted, “If there’s ever an example of “same person different font” it’s literally jungkook and tom holland.”

One ARMY guessed, “Tom holland is definitely a jungkook stan.” Another added, “Jungkook’s song euphoria was used in the show euphoria which stars zendaya who is dating tom holland and tom holland plays spiderman, likes banana milk, listens to dynamite, and watches bts edits in conclusion, jungkook and tom are best friends.” Another tried to guess Jungkook and Tom Holland’s YouTube search history, “Jungkook yt history: Spiderman funny moments. Tom Holland yt history: Jungkook funny moments.”








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