'To Tell the Truth' Season 7: Fans rave about PeeWee Herman for clown sequence

'To Tell the Truth' Season 7: Fans rave about PeeWee Herman for clown sequence
Pee wee Herman, also known as Paul Reubens on 'To Tell the Truth' (Instagram - @peeweeherman)

ABC's popular game show 'To Tell the Truth' is officially back in the game, on its seventh installment. The game show first premiered in June of 2016. On the premiere episode hosted by the star of 'Black-ish', Anthony Anderson, contestants claimed to have rather bizarre occupations.

Who amongst them is telling the truth and who are the impostors? What's more, the episode also starred the iconic character, PeeWee Herman (Paul Reubens) as well as David Arquette for an entertaining clown show for gags. It's safe to say this sequence in particular was the premiere episode's highlight. Anderson's mother, Doris Hancox, was also one of the guest stars on the show. 


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Here's what fans have to say about the game show. One fan shared, "Loved #ToTellTheTruth it was hilarious", while another said, "I've been watching @TellTruthABC since it began and I must say the clown segment was the best ever! I haven't laughed so hard and #ToTellTheTruth, I really needed it. Who knew it was David Arquette and Pee Wee Herman parading as clowns. Loved it! Kudos to you all & the real clown".

One fan shared, "I knew that was PeeWee Herman! #totellthetruth@ABCNetwork", while another tweeted, "Gotta be @DavidArquette and @peeweeherman on #ToTellTheTruth". 









One fan shared, "The clowns have been the most entertaining contestants, (that I can remember) and with the most energy! #totellthetruth", while another said, "#ToTellTheTruth Ha! We knew it! Way before they even said anything, my husband picked out @DavidArquette & I picked out @peeweeherman. Yall ain't foolin us. ๐Ÿ˜‚".

One fan said, "I'm like Anthony! That WAS entertaining, with the clowns! #totellthetruth", while another shared, "@DavidArquette (@CourteneyCox's husband) and @peeweeherman in a single round! #ToTellTheTruth".









Season 7 of 'To Tell the Truth' premiered on February 22, 2022, on ABC. 

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