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'Addicted to Marriage': Are Kecia Clarke and Ernst Michel still together?

Given all the tensions between the couple, if you're wondering if Kecia and Ernst are still together or split up, then we got you covered
Ernst Michel and Kecia Clarke on 'Addicted to Marriage' (TLC)
Ernst Michel and Kecia Clarke on 'Addicted to Marriage' (TLC)

TLC's latest offering 'Addicted to Marriage' is raising everybody's eyebrows with its unique storyline. The reality show which follows four extremely fascinating women who are obsessed with getting married. You might think what's the big deal about wanting to get married? Well, between these four women, they have collectively walked down the aisle a total of 20 times! One of the four women featured on the show is Kecia Clarke.

Kecia, a successful attorney, is ready to walk down the aisle for the fourth time after finding the man of her dreams- Ernst Michel. One would think that having been married three times already Kecia may not be that excited or fuss over having a big, fairytale wedding, but alas we couldn't be more wrong for making that assumption. The attorney explains on the show how she never had an engagement party in her previous three relationships, and this time around, Kecia wants to have a huge, over-the-top engagement party to make up for it. From champagne, gold utensils, a pianist, to even ostrich feathers, Kecia wants it all for her engagement party and is refusing to settle for anything less than her fabulous dreamy engagement. But the catch, Ernst might not completely be on board with her big plans.


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Ernst expresses his concerns with his girlfriend's big plans by pointing out how his financial situation has changed considerably since he has just launched a new business and might not be in a position to provide everything Kecia wants. Despite Ernst being pretty honest about his financial situation, Kecia refuses to hear him out and declares that she won't settle for anything less. The engagement party wasn't the only issue troubling the couple. The couple were also locking horns over their new home. Despite purchasing their new home together, Kecia isn't ready to put Ernst's name on the property deed or let him move in with her into the new house as she has a rule that she won't live with a man unless she's married to him. Ernst feels that its a waste of money for him to pay two mortgages when his name isn't on the deed and he isn't even allowed to live in his new property.

Given all these tensions between the couple if you're wondering if Kecia and Ernst are still together or split up, then we got you covered.

Are Kecia and Ernst still together?

Based on Kecia's Instagram profile it looks like the couple are still together. The attorney regularly posts cute couple pictures of them to her 13,300 followers regularly. From luxury vacations to dreamy dates, Kecia and Ernst appear to be having a great time together. As for the engagement, well it seems that the couple did get engaged. Earlier this year in June, Kecia shared a few pictures from her engagement party. While we couldn't spot gold utensils or ostrich feathers, we did spot a huge diamond ring and a very happy Kecia and Ernst grinning from ear to ear in their country Club Engagement. Kecia wrote on her Instagram post, "People ask me all the time how to meet a perfect partner? I always tell them it is they who must become a perfect partner first. The ability to manage your own behavior that might be blocking your blessings. It’s not about changing who you are. It’s about recognizing traits you have that may be adverse to your desire of meeting your perfect mate."


'Addicted to Marriage' airs every Tuesday at 10/9c on TLC.