'Addicted to Marriage' fans feel Kecia Clarke is a gold digger and spendthrift

Kecia is over the moon as she plans her extravagant and seemingly expensive engagement party

                            'Addicted to Marriage' fans feel Kecia Clarke is a gold digger and spendthrift
Kecia Clarke in 'Addicted to Marriage' (Instagram - @keciaclarke)

In the November 23 episode of 'Addicted to Marriage', we see a very eccentric Kecia, already planning a full-fledged engagement party with her current fiance Ernst Michael. She mentions not having a party to celebrate her first three engagements prior to the weddings so decides to leave no stones unturned on this one. 

Having said that, her fiance and soon-to-be partner, Ernst Michael, isn't the slightest bit onboard, since he just about started a new business, and hopes that Kecia understands his predicament. Although, there's little to nothing that will stop Kecia from making elaborate plans on the tiniest of details; from food, flowers, interiors, and probably a gazillion other things! 


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Here's what fans have to say about the recent episode of the reality show. One fan said, "im getting a vibe from kecia…..that appreciation vibe has a gold digger tinge. #addictedtomarriage", while another shared, "There is basically no need for Kecia to have an engagement party ahead of her fourth marriage! #AddictedToMarriage".

One fan tweeted, "My past 3 marriages I didn’t have an Engagement Party & you don’t need one for Marriage #4 either #AddictedToMarriage", while another shared, "#addictedtomarriage I see why Kiesha been divorce 3 yrs. Smh". 









One fan said, "I live for this show #addictedtomarriage out of control !", while another shared, "Kecia is too funny #addictedtomarriage". 

One fan tweeted, "Why would you put your business in jeopardy because of an engagement party or wedding? I’d never do something so stupid. She’s been married a bunch of times already. Let’s go to the courthouse and knock it off. #AddictedtoMarriage", while another said, "#addictedtomarriage I don't like Kecia!!! How about y'all? What she do for a living?".







The main concept of this series is its uniqueness as the show encourages the women to strive hard to believe and find their soulmate. On the show, the ladies will be seen sharing their past experiences of their former marriages and weddings, explaining why they want their present beaus to make their dreams come true, while also dealing with insecurities, trust, and commitment issues. 

New episodes of 'Addicted to Marriage' air every Tuesday at 10 pm ET on TLC.

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