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Is Tiwa Savage OK? Troubling post gets fans worried as sex tape releases on PornHub

'Some people will be happy when I am no more,' said Tiwa Savage in response to the sex tape
UPDATED OCT 27, 2021
Fans are worried about Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage (Instagram/Tiwa Savage)
Fans are worried about Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage (Instagram/Tiwa Savage)

Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage may have gotten more international attention than she wanted in recent days after her boyfriend accidentally posted their sex tape to Snapchat. While he was quick to take it down, it appears the video has now found its way to PornHub, where it is now visible for millions of users around the world. The revelation has led to the clip being shared all over the internet, while some fans got behind the 'Somebody's Son' hitmaker.

In June 2021, boxer Adrien Broner's girlfriend split up with him after his sex tape was leaked online, featuring him performing oral sex on another woman. Back in May, rapper Mario Judah sparked rumors of his sexuality after another sex tape made the rounds, featuring someone exactly like him. For years, celebrities have regularly found their home videos leaked all over the internet, leaving them very red-faced. Savage, on the other hand, decided to take a different approach.


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As we previously reported, Savage was allegedly being blackmailed over the release of the sex tape. But rather than back down, the singer did something completely unexpected - she threatened to drop it herself. "I am not going to let anyone blackmail me for doing something natural," she said in an interview. Unfortunately for her, it seems like the gamble may not have paid off.


Sex tape leaked to PornHub

The sex tape saga began after Savage's lover accidentally posted an 11-second clip of the duo on Snapchat. "He posted it by accident, but he quickly deleted it," she confirmed. Unfortunately, the act of deleting came a little too late, allowing someone to get hold of the video. The individual then began to blackmail Savage, asking for money in exchange for the tape. "We tried to stall them, but I later decided that I am going to own the narrative," she said.

It appears the blackmailer called her bluff and released the tape anyway. It's unclear who the blackmailer is, or if he is responsible for the leak. The Will Nigeria first reported that the tape is available on PornHub, from where it quickly jumped to other platforms like Twitter and Reddit. When the news first made its way to the internet, many criticized Savage for being careless, and not acting like a proper role model.

Many of her fans backed her though and continued to do so after the tape was released on PornHub. However, she stood behind her decision. In a now-gone Instagram Story, Savage also heavily slammed the leaker, saying, "You hated how I was able to control the narrative... you must knock my head when you see me otherwise..." She followed that up with another Story saying, "Some people will be happy when I am no more."

Tiwa Savage's Instagram Story (Twitter)

'I remain a fan... sex tape or no sex tape'

"My take on @TiwaSavage Video Leak: People are so pathetic. We are just so full of hate and envy. Thief tear net carry yahoo boy phone, you catch am lynch. β€” there was a caught. We so full of evil but acting all saints around," one person said. Another commented, "I remain a fan of Tiwa Savage any day any time. Sex tape or no sex tape." 



"@TiwaSavage please hang on there baby, if not for anyone at least because of jamjam and need i remind you that this will pass and soon. Don't start with post like the one on your IG story because a lot of us love and care about you. stay strong cus God gat you," one person commented. Another said, "I hope Tiwa savage is okay tho, she posted something on her IG story." One user commented, "Tiwa be strong ok. Everyone is guilty of this in our various secret places just that you were unlucky. Not your fault ok. Love you Tiwa."




In her interview, Savage also thanked her fans for defending her. "I feel for my fans, they have to be defending me, I can switch off my phone and let someone handle my account for me but they are going to see it and feel they have defend me," she said. Beyond the deleted Instagram Story, Savage has not addressed the tape, but clearly, she has no intention of letting it make her look bad.