'Titans' Season 2 Episode 10 will see the team at its lowest with Dick in prison and the Tower under attack

The Titans have finally hit rock bottom with most of the team leaving to have their own adventures while Dick Grayson tries desperately to find forgiveness for his sins. Nobody is safe and even the Titans Tower is about to come under fire

                            'Titans' Season 2 Episode 10 will see the team at its lowest with Dick in prison and the Tower under attack

At the end of Episode 9 titled 'Atonement', the Titans have now fallen harder than ever before. Hence it's fitting that the next episode of 'Titans' Season 2 will be called 'Fallen'.

Seriously though, things have never been worse for our young heroes and at this point, the only way out is up. 

Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) has finally lost everything he cared about and in Episode 9, he assaulted a pair of police officers so he could go to a prison where the world would be safe from his darkness.

Of course, we know that there is more to Dick's story and it's only a matter of time before he's forced back into action.

Meanwhile, the Titans Tower is about to come under attack after Conner Kent / Superboy (Joshua Orpin) accidentally became a wanted criminal after he attacked the San Francisco Police Department in Episode 9.

Now with Conner's existence revealed to the world, Gar Logan / Beast Boy (Ryan Potter) has the unenviable task of making sure Conner stays safe while also trying to stop him from accidentally hurting someone else.

According to the synopsis for the episode, Rachel Roth / Raven (Teagan Croft) is also going to be having her own adventures with a runaway girl whom Rachel meets while running from the team.

Here's the full official synopsis for the episode: "After his intentional attack on two police officers results in his arrest, Dick finally finds peace in a Nevada prison. But the hero he's left behind has not been buried forever."

"Meanwhile, Rachel befriends a runaway girl and takes her under her wing – only to find that her own powers might not fully be under her control. Back at Titans Tower, Gar is reunited with Conner and Krypto, but when Mercy Graves sets her sights on retrieving 'Subject 13' for Cadmus, Gar finds himself caught in the crossfire."

'Titans' Season 2 Episode 10 titled 'Fallen' will arrive on the DC Universe on November 8.

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