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'Time Difference': 'Vampire Jungkook' teasers have BTS fans saying 'not making out alive'

BTS' Jungkook is set to release a photofolio with a vampire concept in celebration of his birthday on September 1
UPDATED AUG 17, 2022
'Vampire Jungkook' trends as the BTS star drops teasers for 'Time Difference' (@bts_bighit/Twitter)
'Vampire Jungkook' trends as the BTS star drops teasers for 'Time Difference' (@bts_bighit/Twitter)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: BTS fans were first shocked when BTS’ maknae (youngest), Jungkook dropped a surprise teaser of ‘Time Difference’ for his birthday celebration. In a blurry photo, we got the K-pop star sporting a white Victorian shirt, smudged lipstick, red contact lenses and looking pale. ARMY immediately took to making vampire jokes and calling him K-pop’s Edward Cullen. Well, turns out that is exactly the concept he is going for in what is supposed to be a photofolio. 

Looks like Jungkook is yet another BTS member who is interested in photography and has decided to show off his creativity with the 80-page special photofolio ‘Time Difference’. And it seems that he is about to spoil fans even more as along with the photo booklet, we are also getting teasers of a mini-poster, folder poster, stamp, wine coaster and photocards of ‘Vampire Jungkook’ that will come in the photofolio. If that wasn’t enough, there is also a secret section at the end of ‘Time Difference’. 

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BTS’ Jungkook to drop vampiric photofolio for birthday

With the pre-sale for ‘Time Difference’ launching on August 18 at 11 am KST (August 17 at 10 pm ET), the BTS star also dropped more teasers. The cover of the special photofolio itself is pretty iconic as we get a shot of Jungkook’s neck which is adorned in jewelry and the white Victorian shirt while he bites a red ruby necklace. Some of the other images that we got a glimpse of show us Jungkook playing with shadows while he is dressed in leather or red outfits. 

Jungkook also explained that for ‘Time Difference’, he wanted to express the difference between how a human becomes vulnerable in the day when is a vampire but gets his power in the night. The BTS star hopes to show his emotions and visuals while showcasing a desire for power by channelling his inner vampire and using the colors red, grey and black. The special items in the photofolio use motifs of a full moon which symbolizes vampires. We also got a visual teaser with haunting and ominous music as Jungkook is in a luxurious mansion complete with fantastical props like statues, books, timepieces, pomegranates, fire and fog.

The ‘Time Difference’ photofolio will be released globally on Jungkook’s birthday on September 1 and will be available in USA on November 2.


‘Jungkook vampire agenda thriving’

Excited fans trended ‘Vampire Jungkook’ as they made tweets like, “Me when i pull a vampire jungkook photocard from my vampire jungkook photofolio full of vampire jungkook photos,” “Me running away from vampire jungkook,” and “80 pages of vampire jungkook i am afraid no one is making out alive.” Another wrote, “JUNGKOOK VAMPIRE AGENDA THRIVING.”





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