Viral video shows 'Mimosa Karen' yelling at airport staff after she's denied boarding

A series of popular TikTok videos captured by TikToker @cinco suave show a lady known as "Mimosa Karen' shouting and raging inside an airport

                            Viral video shows 'Mimosa Karen' yelling at airport staff after she's denied boarding
A lady dubbed 'Mimosa Karen' was having a meltdown at the terminal @cinco_suave (Photo by @cinco_suave/TikTok)

A series of popular TikTok videos show a lady dubbed as "Mimosa Karen" shouting and having a rage inside an airport. The latest in a long line of airport "Karens" wreaking havoc at the terminal was captured by TikToker @cinco suave.

The first in a series of films he released begins with a potential passenger, dubbed "Mimosa Karen" by the TikToker, yelling at the gate attendant and filming her, ordering that she "say it again." The airline staff apparently cursed at the woman, but it appears that there was something more that lead to that point. This is not the first time Karens have been at it. In August this year, an airport 'Karen' slut-shamed two women and even said one of them doesn't have 't*ts'. In May this year, an office depot 'Karen' compared shopping maskless to hijab discrimination and even threatened to call cops on employees.


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In this airport incident, while we don't know the location, employees did their hardest to defuse the situation and persuade the shouting woman to calm down until security arrived, but they were unable to handle the situation. "Mimosa Karen" was subsequently seen on camera asking the employee number of one gate agent from anybody who would listen, and then the employee numbers of anyone who sought to speak with her.

“Is everyone seeing that I’m asking for her employee number and no one is giving it to me?” The lady rants at everyone who is seeing the incident develop while waiting for their flights nearby. The last video takes things up a level, with this newest airport "Karen" being surrounded by multiple uniformed cops. Rather than seeing this as a hint that she needs to calm down, she continues to yell and rage.

“How many times do I have to say ‘f**k you to all of you before you say, yeah I didn’t actually do anything illegal?” she enquires "I haven't broken any rules." She continues to dispute angrily with the officers, who have so far been patient with her.

She screams, “My mom has cancer. I went to a wedding last night. Yes. Okay. There’s nothing—nothing I have done is illegal. It’s actually kind of illegal that you’re not letting me board this fucking plane, and I don’t care if I’m making a scene.” The police ultimately placed the woman in handcuffs as she gestured to the fence and loudly labeled the agent she was talking with a "cunt."

Someone off-camera exclaims, “Get her out of here, she’s drunk,”  Soon after, the cops led her away much to the delight of people who had sat through the entire ordeal. Viewers who are used to seeing videos of Karens acting out were relieved to find that this one had a decent finish. @xobeckyg7 chuckled, "Well if that isn't the results of her own conduct." “Denied boarding and going away in cuffs… " @idontthinkso_tim concurred, "perfect ending" One viewer questioned why "arresting Karens takes so long," observing that "they're allowed to have a complete monologue before they're ultimately hauled away." 

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