Horror film 'Candyman' trends as TikToker finds 'whole apartment' behind bathroom mirror in NYC building

The woman felt 'cold air blowing' and after searching the corners of the bathroom, she eventually found out that the 'air is coming from the mirror'

                            Horror film 'Candyman' trends as TikToker finds 'whole apartment' behind bathroom mirror in NYC building
TikTok user @samanthartsoe (L) moving the mirror in her video and people found similarities to 'Candyman' (Twitter/IMDb)

A TikTok video has gone viral on the Internet because of its spookiness. More interestingly, because of that video, a 1992 horror movie ‘Candyman’ has also gone viral. The reason behind the trend is the similarities of the situation between the video and the film. The TikTok video has been shared by user @samanthartsoe that has shown her taking her friends to an apartment bathroom in New York City.

The social media user decided to record the video after she felt “cold air blowing on me”. After searching the corners of the bathroom, she eventually found out that the “air is coming from the mirror”. The woman also realized that the mirror moved. She took out the mirror from the wall and boom... shockingly a hidden room was there. On her video, a friend of her joked, “What if someone is living back there right now?" Another asked, “Have you seen the movie 'Parasite'?" @samanthartsoe then said that she will go inside the room to find what’s on the other side of it and she did only to find there was a “whole another apartment”.


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Several people commented how the whole discovery, especially the first two part of the video, was very similar to ‘Candyman’, which was about “a murderous soul with a hook for a hand, accidentally summoned to reality by a skeptic grad student researching the monster's myth,” according to IMDb. A sequel of the 1992 movie is set to be released in August 2021, which was delayed three times due to the coronavirus.



The video by @samanthartsoe was divided into four parts that were also shared on Twitter by a user named @CheyMillz. The first video has garnered more than a million views while the second one has received over 800k views. Hundreds of people have also commented on them and expressed their shock over the discovery as one user tweeted, “Me watching that women climb through her apartment bathroom mirror on Tiktok knowing Candyman is on the other side.” The second user said, “I saw candyman trending and I thought it was news abt the sequel coming out (which I’m excited for) but nope apparently some white teen girl seems to be living it irl via tiktok and I’m just.”





A person noted, “This is a refurbished project. Maintenance guys used to not want to stand in the hallway if the tenant wasn't there, so they had entrances thru the bathroom mirror. Candyman was inspired by a guy in Chicago who was getting in those and sexually assaulting women.” Another person wrote, “Omg my nyc bathroom is so cold I have to keep the door closed and last time I measured, the tile floors were 41 F and wind blows in around the mirror and all the outlets and now I’m terrified to move the mirror…”



A user mentioned, “Sometimes apartments turn a bachelor's into a single and they legit just seal rooms behind drywall. A friend of mine found a room like this in his friends apartment because they realized they for have three windows and they only had two. It was just an empty room. Spooky storage.” “BITCH HAVE YOU SEEN CANDYMAN??? THIS DOES NOT END WELL FOR YOU. AHHHHH,” the second user said while the third added, “Ugh apparently it’s a common thing in buildings like NYC and Chicago etc but I’ve also heard that how ppl get int too cause it’s for maintenance. How did she even realize it was there? But either way the whole thing freaks me out bc of Candyman lol.”




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