Who is Alfredo Paratore? Massachusetts man charged with killing mom, 80, at home

The man had called 911 to report the murder, saying that he found his mother's body when he came to visit her

                            Who is Alfredo Paratore? Massachusetts man charged with killing mom, 80, at home
Representational photo of a crime scene (Photo by Larry W Smith/Getty Images)

LYNN, MASSACHUSETTS: An 80-year-old woman from Lynn, Massachusetts has been found to be the victim of a gruesome murder. Her 49-year-old son has been charged with killing the mother and then leaving her organs in a macabre display on the welcome mat near the front door. Alfredo Paratore initially reported the incident to the police claiming that he had discovered his mother's body at her home.

However, police detected multiple inconsistencies in his account and suspicious behavior on his part, prompting them to charge Paratore with his mother's murder. Katherine Paratore's body was discovered on June 11, 2021, after her son called 911. She was found with multiple lacerations on her collarbone and right hand, along with bruises on her arms, neck, and head. Police are speculating that her body was lying in the home for a few days after the murder. Alfred, the 49-year-old suspect pleaded not guilty during his arraignment at Lynn District Court on Monday, June 14, 2021. He has now been ordered by the judge to undergo a mental health evaluation at Bridgewater State Hospital. 


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Who is Alfredo Paratore?

According to Boston CBS, Katherine Paratore resided in a house in Jenness Street, Lynn where her body was discovered. Her son Alfredo M Paratore, called 911 on June 11, to report that he had found his mother's body propped up against the wall when he came to visit her. He also added that she did not have a shirt on and her organs were laid out on a floor mat. 

Police found Katherine Paratore's dentures laying on her shoulder, while her entrails and internal organs were arranged in a gory manner on the welcome mat. 

Police's suspicion against Alfredo increased when he appeared nervous to answer their questions. He also failed to answer when exactly was the last time he saw or spoke with his mother. The cops also found dried blood on his left hand and scratches on his ear and cheek, which intensified their suspicion. In the end, they charged him with the murder of his mother. 

Paratore was reportedly under the influence of drugs during the police interrogation. He was administered several doses of Narcan and transferred to a local hospital after arrest. Presently, he is being held without bail.