Tia Torres's net worth: Villalobos Rescue Center's funds deplete amid Hurricane Ida

Tia Torres's net worth: Villalobos Rescue Center's funds deplete amid Hurricane Ida
Tia Torres and her rescue Lucky during Hurricane Isaac in 2012, (R) a photo of Villalobos Rescue Center's new trailer submerged in water after Ida hit. The trailer was meant to house their shy dogs (Facebook)

Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana at 12:55 pm ET on Sunday, August 29. The videos from Grand Isle and other parts of the state are devastating and one fatality has been recorded. While people in Louisiana continue to battle Ida which has now downgraded to a tropical storm but continues to move north after ravaging South Louisiana, thought needs to be spared for the speechless animals at the Villalobos Rescue Center as both their locations - New Orleans and Assumption Parish - are affected. On top of all these crises, the center is running out of funds and they've declared they won't be able to survive if they don't receive support from donors. 

We reported earlier about VRC's decision to shelter in place. They decided to ride the storm out and not evacuate because it wasn't going to bode well for the animals due to various reasons including the stress of moving, and heat exhaustion which could be more dangerous than riding out the storm. "With as many dogs and other animals that we now have, it's just not that simple. We get so many offers from people saying "I have 20 acres..." and while that is generous and kind, you can't just plop a few hundred dogs in crates in the middle of a field," the Tia Torres run center wrote, explaining their decision to stay where they are. 


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What is Tia Torres's net worth?

Tia Torres has been the star of Animal Planet's 'Pitbulls & Parolees' since 2009. She had founded VRC way before there was any TV show and the exposure it brought helped in establishing VRC as one of the most trusted rescue centers in the US. Before Ida made landfall, hordes of fans of the center began to worry for the animals who were directly going to be hit by the storm and many urged that donations be made to the center so that they could have all resources needed to make it through, and then rebuild. 

VRC is a huge name, so is Tia Torres but a recent update from the center's page brought worrying news. Torres has not filmed for Animal Planet since 2020, meaning those checks are not coming in. The update also said the center wasn't able to drive any fundraising campaigns in the past week due to storm preparation and their funds stood almost depleted hours before Ida made landfall. Tia Torres's net worth is estimated at $300,000 in 2020 according to Celebrity Net Worth. It's unclear as to where the number stands now after the pandemic where everyone is struggling financially and donations must've been scarce for the non-profit during the past year. 


As for the current situation, the center is "begging" donors to help with whatever one can and there's a GoFundMe set up for the same. "We have not filmed since last year. I have not been able to do any social media hustling for this past week due to storm prep. And now....we are about to get destroyed....sorry but there is just not another word for what's to come. Because we are going to be without power for days. They are even predicting weeks. I may not have access to social media. So I am begging now. Yes...I am begging.....HELP US.

"We are going to sustain an enormous amount of damages. We do not have the finances to handle this. Again, I will be doing a "live" FB feed a little later and before the storm hits to give my final words before we 'go dark',"  an excerpt from VRC read, seeking desperate help. The hurricane has caused massive damage for the center, and Torres has uploaded a photograph of a trailer that was meant to house the shy dogs being completely submerged. For people who wish to donate through Paypal, here's the link. Those comfortable donating to their GoFundMe campaign could do so by clicking here. The fundraiser goal has been set to $150,000 of which $130,915 has been raised already. 


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