Why was TI arrested in Amsterdam? Rapper posts video from jail, says ‘having a phenomenal time’

Atlanta native TI shared a video on Instagram while he was sitting in a jail cell, revealing what exactly happened with him and how he landed there

                            Why was TI arrested in Amsterdam? Rapper posts video from jail, says ‘having a phenomenal time’
Rapper TI was recently arrested in Amsterdam (Steven Ferdman/Getty Images)

Rapper TI, who is currently celebrating his 11th marriage anniversary with wife Tiny, faced a little bumper in his vacation in Amsterdam after he got arrested. The three-time Grammy-winning artist took to his Instagram while he was in custody and surprisingly, he seemed pretty chilled about it.

The Atlanta native shared a video on his Instagram while he was sitting in a jail cell revealing what exactly happened with him and how did he land there. The rapper was involved in a bike accident with a cop. Interestingly, he never got handcuffed for it and was out of jail after posting his bail. Speaking of rappers getting arrested, artists namely Bandman Kevo, Polo G, SpotemGottem and 9lokknine were recently taken into custody for different reasons.

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Why was TI arrested?

Taking to his official Instagram account on Tuesday, August 3, the multi-platinum rapper shared a video with his close to 14M followers and captioned it as, “Free Me” followed by a laughing face emoticon. The rapper was arrested due to a bike incident involving an officer but he was never handcuffed for it. According to TI, he was riding his bicycle in Amsterdam when the handlebar ended up breaking the cop's side mirror as he did not stop while crossing a street.

In the video, the 40-year-old artist says, “The policeman ran into me and broke his rearview (mirror). And because I didn't have my passport. I don't know. It (will) be fine. But he was extremely upset. I, myself, was having a great time, still, I'm still not upset. Having a phenomenal time.” The rapper revealed that the cops dealt with the incident very calmly and escorted him to the backseat of their car without ever taking out their cuffs.


What did TI say about his arrest?

While looking all comfortable and composed in the video, TI says, “So I'm locked up now.” He continued, “'Man, this is great man. You know what I'm saying? This is actually the experience in the culture as it is. This is living life to the fullest, you dig?" The renowned hip-hop star then revealed that his trainer Emory Bernard bailed him out 25 minutes later and brought along their whole entourage. “They stayed tha whole 25mins and demanded that I be released.”

TI also revealed how he tried to post his bail with cash while taking out wads of cash from his pockets and flashing it to the camera. “Man, let me call, so I can make my bond, they don’t take cash here.” The rapper in a separate post added that his Amsterdam host got a bit nervous over the incident while laughing at the entire situation. “Poor Caroline (their Amsterdam host) was shooketh!!! I told her "I've done real time before...Cmon baby let's gtfoh before they change they minds."’ TI recently made headlines while defending DaBaby’s homophobic rant saying gay people were taking advantage of rappers while slamming them without any reason.