Thomas Jacobs joins Bachelor in Paradise, Katie Thurston's men continue to bash him

The men on Katie Thurston's season seemed to be threatened by the arrival of their former castmate Thomas Jacobs

                            Thomas Jacobs joins Bachelor in Paradise, Katie Thurston's men continue to bash him
Thomas Jacobs as seen on 'Bachelor in Paradise' (ABC)

With the first rose ceremony of 'Bachelor in Paradise' done, the show saw three women go home, while Victoria Paul chose to self-eliminate. But, with an even number of people on the show, one thing is for sure, trouble was now brewing.

The rose ceremony is now in the hands of the women, which means that there will be a few new men joining the show. The guys of Katie Thurston's season soon began to worry that it would be their season's villain Thomas Jacobs if anyone was to show up. Turns out, their worst nightmare came true!


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The moment Thomas walked through the door, the men of Katie's season were completely annoyed by the situation. Thomas seemed unfazed by their behavior or the fact that they kept talking about him, instead, he went on flirting with the ladies, who seemed thoroughly enamored.

Fans were quick to point out the hypocrisy of it all. "Wasn't tre literally the one leading the fight to protect katie from thomas and ended up being the one to tell her about him on the group date?? i hope not bc thomas coming in and scooping up his girl first thing is sus af #BachelorInParadise," tweeted a fan. "Aaron doesn't seem like the type to lay hands on anybody. I bet he's typically the drunk white boy laying in the street on Friday night's #BachelorInParadise," added another. "Thomas is way to savvy to actually get into a fight. He was born to play this role #BachelorInParadise," pointed out a fan.






The guys of Katie's season kept insisting that his intentions were in the wrong place and that was the primary reasoning for them rallying against him. But fans were on Thomas' side, seeing that fame is a given it comes to this show. "Okay Thomas said he was open to a relationship with Katie but if it didn't work out at least he could get a platform out of it…. I'm sorry is that not the mentality of EVERYONE on the show? I- #bachelorinparadise" tweeted a fan. "It is supremely unattractive that the guys are still on this thing about Thomas #BachelorInParadise" added another. "These men trying to act like they aren't also happy to get some fame from being on the show #BachelorInParadise" tweeted a fan. "Babes, babes, babes…Paradise is the place you go to FOR the platform. Can't hate on Thomas for being there. #BachelorInParadise" agreed another. 









Thomas wasn't the only one to join the cast, as Riley from 'The Bachelorette' Season 16 with Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams also joined the show. With Thomas taking Serena P on a date and Riley taking Maurissa, looks like there is trouble in paradise for the guys! Catch 'Bachelor in Paradise' on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 pm ET on ABC.