Inside Victoria P's secret relationship and the first Bachelor in Paradise rose ceremony

Inside Victoria P's secret relationship and the first Bachelor in Paradise rose ceremony
Demi Burnett and James Bonsall as seen on 'Bachelor in Paradise' (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

For 'Bachelor in Paradise' contestants, the show is their second shot of love, after dealing with heartbreak on their respective seasons of 'The Bachelor' and 'The Bachelorette'.

But, it would be odd to assume that these contestants have been just waiting to get on the show and haven't been pursuing other relationships in the meanwhile. It turns out James Bonsall from Katie's season is about to learn that the hard way, seeing that the woman he's interested in, Victoria Paul. might just be lying to his face.



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James made it rather evident that he was interested in Victoria from the start as he saw her as a beautiful, down to heart woman. However, Victoria continued to forget his name, even though she kept flirting with him. Later, Tammy and Kelsey revealed that Victoria has a boyfriend back home. According to Tammy, Victoria was in it for the long haul, as her master plan was to get on the show, gain media attention, and have cameras follow her back to Nashville to help her alleged musician boyfriend.


Tammy did not hesitate to call her out on this, but instead of confronting Victoria, Tammy went straight to James and came clean about everything, stating that Victoria was 'rosechasing'. James confronted Victoria, who instantly got defensive about her situation. However, the two couldn't seem to look past the issues they were having. Finally, Victoria chose to remove herself from the case entirely and opted to leave the competition and return home, stating that she doesn't need to look for love when she already has something special back home. This implied that the story about her boyfriend was possible true after all. 


James Bonsall confronts Victoria Paul on 'Bachelor in Paradise' (ABC)



Who is Victoria's boyfriend?

As reported by The Dipp, Victoria could be involved with Nashville musician Teddy Robb. Robb is from Akron, Ohio and in 2018, he was signed by Monument Records. He even performed his first single, 'Really Shouldn't Drink Around You' on NBC's Today Show. He also dropped his debut EP in April last year.




Who does James end up with?

At the first rose ceremony of the season, the women who hadn't coupled up were now fighting for his attention. The two people who went toe to toe with each other were Demi and Kelsey. When it boiled down to the rose ceremony, James gave his rose to Demi, allowing her to stay in the competition. With Serena C., Victoria L. and Kelsey leaving the show on account of not receiving roses, the men and women are now all an even number. The couples so far are -- Ivan and Jessenia, Noah and Abigail, Joe and Serena P., Connor and Maurissa, Tre and Tahzjuan, Karl and Deandra, Brendan and Natasha, Aaron and Tammy, Kenny and Mari and finally, James and Demi.

But things aren't all roses just yet, seeing that new men will be introduced in the next episode, and among them is 'The Bachelorette' season 16's villain, Thomas Jacob. It looks like there is going to be love with a healthy serving of chaos in paradise now! 


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